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May 1

Biology 101

Research Tools

Overall Tips for Presentation Success (.docx 14.3KB)


For your first presentation, focus on using basic, but credible, resources. We need to see at least 3 sources incorporated into your presentation, all cited in-text and on a Works Cited slide at the end of your presentation. One of those sources should be a scholarly journal article.


What is credible? To determine this, use the CRAAP guidelines below.


CRAAP Evaluation Framework (.pdf 70.4KB)

Journal Literature
Citation Tools
  • Visit this page for a list of guides to help you cite your sources
  • Easybib – this makes citation easy BUT remember to double check the information that it generates. Sometimes, it’s incorrect!
Example Powerpoint

After you do your research each week, throw together a nice powerpoint that outlines your research and discussion. Here’s an idea of how to frame your presentation:


Summer/Fall 2024
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