Felicity Green, Executive Coordinator to the President and Board of Education


Office of the President

A Message from President Breitmeyer -
Create Positive Change

June 1, 2020

Over the past few days our country has been dealing with the tragedy of the death of George Floyd. I personally have felt anger, sadness, and a call to work for positive change.  To the students of CCC and our community members who may feel anger, grief, or fear in the turbulence of this moment, we want you to know that Clatsop Community College is committed to being a safe and supportive place to learn, gather, and grow. We conduct business under guidance from our strategic plan which includes “Commit to Equity and Inclusiveness” as one of the four initiatives that leads our actions. As an institution of education, it is necessary for us to step up and be leaders in this moment. We are dedicated to holding ourselves accountable to equity and providing opportunities for all who join us as students and who use our services and facilities.

The Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) Council of CCC was formed this past year and its goal is to cultivate a culture that examines and disrupts the negative impacts of power, privilege, and oppression and to increase and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion practices on Clatsop Community College’s campus. Inequity is built into the systemic structure of this country’s institutions, including higher education, and DEI is a tool to change that. We are committed to creating a structure for our institution that is equal for all.

It is a privilege to lead an institution of learning that is devoted to making our society one where all may thrive. How we participate in this moment in history creates the opportunity for us to connect our strategic initiative to real world issues and make a difference for our community and our country. Each of us can create positive change by how we respond to injustice, doing so is a duty we all have.


Christopher Breitmeyer

President, Clatsop Community College