An academic and community resource for health and fitness

Patriot Hall, a state-of-the-art facility completed in 2017, provides active learning and wellness resources for students and community members, including a gym with bleacher seating, fitness studios, cardio and weight rooms and the region’s only indoor running track. The building also includes two instruction classrooms to support academic classes, job training and community education offerings and space for both community and private events.

“With support from Energy Trust or Oregon’s Path to Net Zero program, the facility was designed to use 70 percent less energy than a standard building of its type.”

The original building, completed in 1921, was dedicated to “Clatsop County soldiers of all wars”. The dedication plaque is on display to the right of the main entrance on Lexington Avenue.


Indoor Track3 Lanes for Walking or Running, 16.75 laps = 1 mile
Weight RoomFree weights and Machines, Overlooking the Gym Floor
Cardio Room21 Machines, Sweeping Views of the Columbia
Gym FloorOpen Court Sports, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Pickleball, Tennis, Bleachers
Locker RoomsShowers, Lockers (check-out a locker on the 3rd floor)
2 Fitness StudiosWooden Floors, Large Windows for Natural Light, Sound System, Academic and Community classes
2 Classrooms Seat up to 20 students, Instructor Computer and Digital Display
Information DeskCheck-in, Equipment Rental and Locker Registration


Shoulder Press Positioned in front of the body, then rocks rearward positioning the handles overhead to mimic the natural movement of a dumbbell shoulder press.
Lateral Raise Shoulder exercise in which the arm is raised and lowered against resistance.
Pec Fly Arm exercise has dual pivots for user defined exercise path. Swiveling handles self-align to the user's wrist during exercise.
Outer/Inner Thigh Thigh pads swivel for each exercise position, for outer and inner thigh exercises.
Chest Press The arms, placed under a weight-bearing load, are pushed away from the chest and returned to starting position.
Mid Row Self-aligning exercise arm allows the user to pull the handles down into a low row position to recruit more mid and lower back muscles.
Leg Press Large oval foot plate provides multiple foot placements for both leg press and calf exercises.
Mi7 Smith Functional Training System This machine has a wide variety of features and patented technology that maximize space as well as workout options. One side of the Mi7Smith produces a simultaneous vertical and horizontal bar motion, which provides the benefits of free weight training with added safety and stability. The other side of the Functional Training System features dual Silent Steel weight stacks with 360-degree rotating columns for complete range of motion.
Leg Curl/Extension Define the front and back of the leg.
Lat Pulldown Rocking forward movement of the torso during the exercise challenges core muscles while engaging an optimal range of deltoid muscle flexion.
Assisted Chin/Pull Up This machine features a grip bar and weights that is used to do chin ups and pull ups.
Abdominal Crunch Provides a rocking movement that constantly adjusts the user to achieve optimal biomechanical positioning throughout the exercise.
Squat Machine Machine using the legs to move weight resting on the shoulders, to perform squats.
Preacher Curl Adjustable ratcheting seat positions to accommodate varying heights and a 2-bar rack-out positions.
Incline Leverage Row Multiple grip positions (narrow / wide) for exercise variation.
Incline Benches Adjustable ratcheting seat positions accommodate varying user heights and adjustable back pad positions for incline and flat bench exercises.
Utility Bench Tripod frame design provides greater stability and integrated foot rests provide proper exercise alignment.
Adjustable Decline AB Bench Gas shock assisted angle adjustments for flat, incline and decline exercise positions. Self-aligning leg roller pads accommodate varying leg lengths.
Power Cage Adjustment points at 2.5” increments with adjustable bar rack-outs for varying user heights. Integrated pull-up station with rock climbing holds.
Bicep/Tricep Curl Allows performance of biceps and triceps exercises in one machine. Multiple range-of-motion adjustments for both exercises.
Back/AB Bench This bench is used for ab and back exercises.
Kettle Balls
Free Weights

TreadmillsWalking/running cardio machine.
Jacob’s LadderClimbing machine with ladder-type rungs on a non-motorized continuous treadmill. The faster you go the faster it goes.
EllipticalsExercise machine used to stimulate stair climbing, walking, or running.
Stair MasterStair climbing cardio machine that offers a rotating staircase where the speed of the stairs is controlled by the tension of the waist belt.
LateralsUtilizes varying planes of motion, including a stepping movement and adjustable, side-to-side motion, for functional exercise.
Tread ClimberSimulates walking uphill or up a set of stairs.
AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer)Changes the length of your stride but also the height, providing an infinite variety of motion paths.
BikesExercise machine that is similar to a bicycle.
Rowing MachineExercise machine with moving parts which you move as if you were rowing a rowboat.

Agility PolesFoam Rollers Resistance Bands 
Agility RingsHurdles Short Cones 
Basketballs Jump Ropes Stop Watches 
Cardio Steps Ladders Volleyballs 
Cones Medicine Balls (8 lbs, 10 lbs,      14 lbs, 15 lbs) Weightlifting Belts 
Cross Training PolesPlyometric Boxes (6 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch) Wrist Rollers 
Donut Rings Portable Equipment Mats Yoga Balls 
Exercise Mats Push Up Bars  

Building Map

Main Entrance, Track + Studios

Information DeskCheck-in, Equipment and Locker Sign-up
Fitness StudiosWooden Floors, Large Windows for Natural Light, Sounds System, Academic and Community classes
Indoor Track3 Lanes for Walking or Running, 16.75 laps = 1 mile
Water FountainElevator AccessCubbies

Patriot Hall Level 2 Map


Classrooms, Weight Room + Cardio Room

2 ClassroomsSeat up to 20 students, Instructor Computer and Digital Display
Weight RoomFree weights and Machines, Overlooking the Gym Floor
Cardio Room21 Machines, Sweeping Views of the Columbia
Water FountainElevator AccessCubbiesRestrooms

Patriot Hall Level 1 Map


Gym Floor + Lockers

Gym FloorOpen Court Sports, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Pickleball, Tennis
Locker RoomsShowers, Lockers (check-out a locker on the 3rd floor)
OfficesTeena Toyas, Dean of Transfer Education
 Millena Riffe, Lead of Patriot Hall Operations
 Helen O'Keefe, Patriot Hall Rentals
Water FountainElevator AccessRestrooms

Facility Rental

Clatsop Community College facilities are available to rent for your events. Both for-profit and non-profit pricing are available. Please contact Helen Keefe at hkeefe@clatsopcc.edu or (503) 338-2433 to check availability or to schedule your event.

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