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  • For remote access, you’ll need to log in using the same credentials you use to access your college email or MyCCC account. For students who enrolled before June 15, 2020, the username is first initial, last name, last four digits of student ID#, and @students.clatsopcc.edu (example: bsmith5453@students.clatsopcc.edu); for students who enrolled after June 15th, 2020, the username is firstname.lastname@students.clatsopcc.edu (example: barbara.smith@students.clatsopcc.edu). The default student password format is either A@YYYYMMDD or A@YYYY#MM#DD (birthdate year, month, day; example: A@2001#04#13).
  • Note: since they require the same login, if your email/MyCCC password has been changed, you will need the same password to access the library databases remotely. If you are unable to reset your password with the instructions above, you may need to have it reset to the default format; please request by emailing helpdesk@clatsopcc.edu

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2022-23 Clatsop Community College Information Literacy Award Winners

Nine Clatsop Community College students have been selected as winners of the annual Information Literacy Award. Two students shared the general award, while seven students won the prize for Nursing students. The winners integrated extensive research, synthesizing complex source material and independent thinking to create compelling reading material. Each winner for the general award received a $300 check, while the Nursing students each received $85 from the Clatsop Community College Foundation, who once again funded the prize this year.

The winners of the $300 general prize are Kamira Harrison for The Astoria Community Garden Project, written for Julie Brown’s WR227 Technical Writing class, and Jamie Swick for The Gender Iceberg, written for Amanda Cortez’s WGS201 Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies class. The winning Nursing students are Jamie Rose Ash for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, NRS 221 Chronic Care II (Karson Nasstrom, instructor), Leah Durham for Major Depressive Disorder, NRS 221 Foundations of Nursing in Chronic Illnesses (Karson Nasstrom, instructor), Rylee McGee for Clinical Care Plan, NRS 222: Acute Care II & End-of-Life (Devon Weaver, instructor), Amanda Meyer for Bipolar I, NRS 221: Foundation of Nursing in Chronic Illness II and End of Life Care (Karson Nasstrom, instructor), Megan P. Tiller for Nursing Care Plan for Pediatric Gastroenteritis, NRS 222: Acute Care II and End-of-Life (Karson Nasstrom, instructor), Jenny Williams for Deep Vein Thrombosis, NRS 232: Nursing Pathophysiological Process 1 (Karson Nasstrom, instructor), and Lesley Wilson for PathoMap: Pneumonia, NRS 232: Pathophysiological Processes (Karson Nasstrom, instructor).

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