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2021-22 Clatsop Community College Information Literacy Award Winners

Nine Clatsop Community College students have been selected as winners of the 2022 Information Literacy Award. The annual prize was divided equally among all nine, with two students sharing the award for Nursing students and seven students who shared the general award. The winners integrated thorough research, synthesizing complex source material, and independent analysis to create captivating new information on a variety of engaging subjects. Each winner received a $133 check from the Clatsop Community College Foundation, which generously funded the competition.

The winners are:

  • Isabella Anthony, for her work on left-sided heart failure
  • Drake Fischer, who wrote about the damage that sea lions cause to property and salmon habitat
  • Teresa Higuera, who submitted a report on historic preservation problems
  • Emma Johnson, for her research project, Stonehenge: A Novel Interpretation
  • Vance Lump, for thoughtful explication of upgrading of historic wood windows
  • Katelyn Olsen, who examined Bipolar I Disorder
  • Scott Stanford, for his Baldrige assessment on Costco Wholesale
  • William Stevison, who explained The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  • Shea Stokes, for his paper on Architectural Terra Cotta

Students cited an enterprising range of research sources, including websites, local journalists, books, magazines, scholarly journals, streaming movies, and personal interviews.

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