Federal Work Study

FEDERAL WORK STUDY (FWS) is a need-based financial aid program and is available summer, fall, winter and spring terms.  Employment opportunities are available on and off campus. Students must be enrolled at least half time and may begin working only after FWS is confirmed through a Financial Aid Offer. Students must apply early and demonstrate need.  Work Study is earn-as-you-go financial aid. Students earn money as they work, rather than a single lump sum. Flexible hours. Student work a specific number of hours based on their Work Study award. Employers often allow flexibility to accommodate class schedules. Not credited toward tuition and fees, students receive a monthly paycheck for hours worked.

  1. Apply for financial aid at www.fafsa.gov.
  2. Log in to the student portal and check your Financial Aid Offer Letter for a Work-Study award. If you can’t find your offer letter or if you haven’t been awarded Federal Work-study email us at finaid@clatsopcc.edu.

  3. Follow up with the Human Resources office for information on open positions and to complete new hire paperwork.

    On campus Work Study students must complete a timecard and give to their supervisor for approval by the due date listed each month.

    Off campus Work Study students must complete a timecard, have your supervisor sign it and turn the timecard to the Human Resources Office by the due date.

All College employees are Mandatory Child Abuse Reporters. This includes all students who work for the College in the Federal Work Study Program. Here is more information regarding the policy:

  • One of the best things about working in a Federal Work Study job is that you and your supervisor can work out a schedule together each term that will fit around your classes.
  • You may be able to find a job that is related to your field of study, but not a requirement.
  • You gain valuable work experience and a solid reference which you can use on a future resume.
  • Unlike earnings from other jobs, Federal Work Study is not counted in your adjusted gross income when calculating your eligibility for financial aid the next year. This makes you eligible for more need-based aid than if you work for a private employer.
  • Studies show students engaged in work study while attending college have a higher academic success rate.
  • You receive a monthly paycheck for the hours you have worked.
  • Work Study allows you to earn money for college, possibly reducing debt from student loans that will have to be paid back.