Physical copies of the following forms can be found in the Welcome Center.

Registration/Add Classes

Use this form to Add Classes to your academic schedule

Non-Degree Seeking Registration/Audit Classes

For students that wish to take audit courses not accumulating to a degree.

Official Transcript Request

A transcript is a copy of a student’s permanent academic record at CCC including all courses taken, all grades received, and all degrees and certificates conferred to a student.

Petition for Graduation

Apply to be awarded a degree or certificate and walk in the Spring Commencement Ceremony. Submit graduation petition during the academic year you plan to graduate.

Advance Placement

Students who have completed college work in high school under the AP program are eligible to receive college credit based on the exam score. Students will be awarded credit based on the evaluation standards on the date the scores were received.

College Level Exam Program (CLEP)

Clatsop Community College accepts CLEP scores for some, but not all, subjects areas. Score cutoffs vary from subject to subject.

*To be awarded credit for AP and CLEP the student must submit an official transcript.

Enrollment Changes: Add/Drop

During the first week of the term, students may add courses with the instructor’s approval. 

Change of Major or Catalog Year

To change a student’s major or adjust the catalog year.

Consent to Release Information

Student will allow Clatsop Community College to release their confidential educational records to the person or company listed.

Request for Non-Disclosure

Request to prevent Clatsop from submitting student’s directory information to a third party.

Petition for Under 18 Registration 

Students under 18 must have permission from their parent/guardian as well as the instructor.

Student Request to View Records

Students may request to view all records held at Clatsop Community College. 

Residency Change Request

If you have moved in/out of state or just down the block, let us know so we may keep your records up-to-date. 

Submit Completed Forms

In Person: Student Services Welcome Center, Columbia 109  

By Mail: Welcome Center, Clatsop Community College, 1651 Lexington Ave, Astoria, OR 97103

Email: (link sends e-mail)

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