Withdraw / Drop a Class

CCC has an Involuntary Drop process. Class attendance during the first week of the term is important to remain registered. Students are expected to attend each class meeting for all classes which they have registered. Instructors are expected to verify that all students in attendance are registered for the class. 


Attendance in an Online Course may be defined as the initial login to the course and completing an assignment. Not completing a timely login to an online course may result in an involuntary drop.


When an absence for some unavoidable reason does occur, it is the obligation of the student to contact the instructor to determine if they can remain in the course.


If you change your mind about a class, you can drop it from your schedule and receive a full refund, as long as you do it before the drop deadline. Even if you do not attend the class, you must drop it or you will be held liable for the charges on your account.

  1. Log in to MyCCC 
  2. Click Register for classes 
  3. Click Add or Drop Classes
  4. Choose the term of your class
  5. Choose Drop from the drop-down menu
  6. Click Submit Changes

If you no longer wish to be enrolled in a course after the first week, it is considered a withdraw. A withdraw results in a W on a transcript, but does not impact GPA. The student is still responsible for any charges on their account.


CCC permits students to withdraw voluntarily up to a certain time each term. Check the Academic Calendar for specific dates.


After the withdrawal deadline, the instructor must assign you a grade for the course. If you have experienced a sudden and unexpected circumstance that prevented you from meeting the withdrawal deadline, you may appeal for an exception to the deadline by emailing Include your student ID and the reason for the appeal and the course number for the class. Documentation of the circumstances must be attached or dropped off to the Welcome Center before the appeal can be reviewed. Notification of the outcome of your appeal will be emailed to you. For removing tuition charges, see appeals.


To withdraw from a course please contact the Welcome Center. Email, call, or stop by.