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Workforce Training

Training for Every Stage of the Lifetime Learning Journey

At CCC, we value our community. Which is why we partner with local business, organizations and instructors to invest in our workforce. We strive to provide opportunities to develop a stronger, more educated and qualified workforce to drive the region’s economic engine and improve quality of life here in Clatsop County.  Workforce Training courses aren’t only for CCC students, but also for community members new to the workforce, those learning new skills, and seasoned professionals.

Whether you’d like to enhance your own skill set or invest in your employees, we are here to assist!

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Preparing for Employment

Get Hired.

With courses across multiple subject areas and industries, students can gain skills and certificates that qualify them to join the workforce right away in a number of exciting fields.

On-the-Job Training

Learn New Skills.

Members of the workforce can receive training to enhance their skills in their current field and stay up to date on industry regulations.

Continuing Education

Advance Your Career.

Continuing education credits, leadership & management courses, and advanced skill trainings are here to help propel people to the next level of their career.