Academic Advising

Spring Term begins April 4, 2022

Registration opens Friday, February 11 for all students.

Degree Seeking Students are no longer required to meet with their advisor before registering each term, however it is highly encouraged that you do so to ensure you are on the right track towards graduation.   

New Student? Talk to Ben Palenske about orientation and advising!

Returning Student? Reach out to your academic advisor.  If you are unsure who your advisor is, you can find it in your MyCCC Student Portal.

Or, for general advising, make an appointment with our Academic Success Advisor Judith Marshall 

To go to the online schedule for Spring 2022, click here. 

Working with an advisor is possibly the most important relationship a student can have at college. It is a student-centered process of clarification and evaluation.  This process is to assist students in their development of a meaningful educational plan compatible with their life goals and their personal values. 


Academic advising is an intentional process that assist student in making informed choices, clarifying their goals and developing educational plans.  It is ongoing, multi-faceted, and the responsibility of the student and the advisor.  The relationship between the student and the advisor is vital. Through this relationship, students are gradually encouraged to take on a greater role in directing their educational paths resulting in less reliance on advisors.  Students become increasingly self-directed and ultimately assume the responsibility for their personal, educational and career goals.  


Your advisor is familiar with college policies and can help you make decisions that will help you succeed. Your advisor can also help you explore the certificates and degrees the college offers and assist you with figuring out the best one for you. 


Advisors are assigned by your academic interest.  This is why it is important to make sure your degree program is correctly identified in your “MyCCC” account.  


If you need to change your major, click here. 


If you need to change your advisor for any reason, please click  here. 


Please bring the forms to the Student Services Welcome Center for processing.