Computer Labs

Clatsop Community College has several different computer labs on our campuses available for student use.

Teaching labs – Two are located in Towler Hall, and one in Columbia Hall. These are Windows-based labs used for classes, and are not generally open for student use on a drop-in basis. Software installed in those three labs includes:
Windows 7 Enterprise
Microsoft Office 2010

Graphics Lab (Art 115) – This is a Macintosh lab running OS X Snow Leopard. Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium is installed for use in web design, graphics, photography and other art classes. This lab is used for teaching classes, so it is not always open for drop-in use. Between scheduled classes, the lab is generally available to students for study and homework purposes.


Open Lab (Top floor of the library) – The open lab is a 30 seat lab available for student use during regular library hours. Most computers in the lab are Windows-based, and run the same suite of applications found in our teaching labs. We do have Macintosh computers available in the open lab that run the same software found in our graphics lab for study and coursework needs of our graphics students.

CAD Lab – (IMTC) This is a 20 seat lab comprised of Windows-based workstation class computers dedicated for use in teaching AutoCAD.


Resource Lab – (IMTC) This is a 12 seat lab used for industrial safety certification needs.

The computer lab at the SCC is a multi-use lab of 20 Macintosh computers. The lab provides Internet access and is used for photography classes using Adobe products running on OS X. The lab also provides a Windows environment when needed by dual booting to run Windows 7. This lab is open for student use during regular SCC hours outside of regularly scheduled classes.