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Transfer Credits

Get credit for work you’ve done at other schools. Use these steps to transfer credits: 

  1. Send Transcripts: Have your previous school mail official transcripts to CCC Student Records.
  2. Request Evaluation: Once we get your transcripts, request a Transcript Evaluation Request.
  3. Watch your Email: You’ll receive an email when the evaluation is complete.

We evaluate transcripts on a first-come, first-served basis. Turnaround time depends on the volume of requests and factors such as end of term awarding.

Some common standards for credit acceptance: 


  • Courses must be passed with grade C or better. (P and S grades are transferable if the issuing school defines them as C- or better.)
  • We evaluate lower division collegiate (LDC) coursework.
    • We evaluate upper division coursework on a case-by-case basis.
    • Career technical coursework (CTE) may transfer. 
  • If you are undeclared, we only transfer credits needed to meet standard prerequisites, or other commonly used preparatory coursework in a subject (e.g. Biology).
  • Advanced Placement
  • International Baccalaureate
  • College Level Examination Program
  • International transcripts
  • Credits from non-regionally accredited schools will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Syllabi will be required for evaluation. Transfer credit is not guaranteed.

Once the evaluation is complete, your unofficial transcript in MyCCC shows transferred courses. If you don't see a course, it did not meet the standards for acceptance (see above). 


Why are some of my transfer courses listed as 199, 100T or 200T? 

If there isn't an equivalent course at CCC, we assigned 199, 100T or 200T in the closest subject area. Often, these courses still meet specific CCC degree requirements. 


Will my transferred grades affect my GPA? 

Transfer grades are not included in your GPA on CCC transcripts.

Certificate programs affiliated with professional associations, trade organizations, or private vendors may be considered for credit at CCC. CCC may award credit based on licensure or certification by approval from appropriate departments. However, CCC cannot guarantee that credit will be awarded for all certificate programs. 

  • CDA 
  • CPR 
  • Journeyman 
  • Professional licensure

Clatsop Community College grants up to 24 credit hours from Military Education. The American Council on Education (ACE) reviews and recommends credit for college level credit based on workforce training, military training or occupations, and other sources of learning outside the college classroom, such as national exams and certifications. CCC may award credit based on these ACE recommendations as well as approval from appropriate departments. However, CCC cannot guarantee that credit will be awarded for all ACE. 


Military Occupations (Joint Service Transcript, also called JST) 

Military courses (JST) 

CLEP [link]/ DSST/ other ACE-recommended credit

If you have experience that aligns with a course at CCC, you may be eligible for an assessment for college credit. Assessment methods vary, and may take the form of a portfolio, an exam, or a demonstration of knowledge and skills. If you have questions not addressed on this page, contact

Credit issued directly by a non-U.S. university or college must be evaluated by an outside agency prior to being considered for transfer by Clatsop Community College. Official determination will be made regarding transfer eligibility or total credit awarded until the course has been completed and the evaluation agency has rendered its report. Student will choose an agency from The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) to evaluate the institution and verify that it is equivalent to a regionally accredited U.S. institution, evaluate the course(s) to determine the converted U.S. equivalent credit and letter grade. Upon receipt of this evaluation, Clatsop Community College will evaluate the credit for transfer. The cost for evaluation is borne by the student.

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