Strategic Planning

2018-2023 Strategic Plan

2013-2017 Strategic Plan


Board Approved 7-10-12 


Core Theme 1 - Foundational Skills 

Prepare students with a foundation of the skills and abilities needed for college study and life-long learning 


Core Theme 2 - Transfer 

Prepare students to successfully continue their education at a bachelor degree-granting institution 


Core Theme 3 - Employment 

Prepare students for career employment in a global marketplace 


Core Theme 4 - Business Productivity 

Improve the knowledge and skills of proprietors and employees of district businesses 


Core Theme 5 - Personal Enrichment 

Assess the educational interests of the community and provide the resulting educational activities that are within the College's authority to provide


Board Approved 7-10-12 


Improve College Processes 

  1. Schedule programs and courses to maintain an average credit section size of 20 students 
  2. Increase job placement rates for career-technical programs by percent 
  3. Improve staff and faculty satisfaction with institutional governance and operations 


Improve the Vitality and Stability of the College 

  1. Increase general fund ending balance to 15 percent of General Fund 
  2. Increase non-general fund revenue by 20 percent (exclusive of Financial Aid flow-through) 
  3. Increase tuition-paying student enrollment (FTE) by 3 percent each year 


Improve Accountability and Transparency 

  1. Improve student satisfaction with instruction, advising, and registration services 
  2. Regularly evaluate services and instructional programs to document program effectiveness and adjust program operation as indicated