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Royal Nebeker Art Gallery, 1799 Lexington Avenue
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CCC Royal Nebeker Art Gallery, 1651 Lexington Ave.
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The Gallery is free and open to the public. The CCC Royal Nebeker Gallery is ADA accessible and located at 1799 Lexington Avenue in Astoria.

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Royal Nebeker Art Gallery

The Shinrin-Yoku Art Hike returned to Clatsop Community College on June 7th with an added tea rituals experience. This special day marked the last day of the Annual Juried Art Student Show and combined a leisurely walk along the scenic campus trail, which highlighted the profound connection between the ancient Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, or “forest bathing.”
The walk in nature began at the trailhead located in the lower parking lot at the end of Lexington Avenue, just below the Art Building. This event offered a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in a blend of nature, culture, and visual arts, where creativity met the calming essence of the forest.
Shinrin-Yoku: The Art of Forest Bathing
Inspired by the innovative “Sunday in the Park with Art” by local artist, performer, and activist Marco Davis, the Shinrin-Yoku event featured both individual and collaborative student art installations along the trail. Shinrin-Yoku, or “forest bathing,” is a Japanese practice of healing that involves spending time in natural settings. This practice offers numerous benefits, such as boosted immune function, reduced blood pressure, decreased stress, improved mood, enhanced focus, increased energy, and better sleep.
CCC art student Jessica Bahl envisioned visitors walking through the gateway she created for the event and seeing themselves mirrored in the forest, hoping to evoke a sense of unity with nature, prompting introspection and mindfulness. Another student, Tanya Diaz Dolores, emphasized that under the canopy of ancient trees, time slowed down, allowing participants to savor each breath and absorb the essence of the forest’s wisdom. “As we wander along the winding paths,” Tanya stated, “our senses awaken to the symphony of bird songs and the earthy scent of moss, guiding us towards a deeper sense of harmony within ourselves and the natural world.”
Students were given two specific design challenges: to convey the critical importance of valuing and preserving our environment, and to use only materials that would otherwise be considered waste or natural elements from the earth. CCC student Noah Fukuda, for example, created koi kites from recycled aluminum cans. These kites, typically flown in Japan, represent strength and perseverance. By weaving the cans together into intricate forms, Fukuda highlighted the beauty and resilience found both in nature and recycled materials.
Art student Britteny Holden invited participants to let their stress melt away while walking through the forest. She encouraged them to listen to the birds singing and feel the sunshine on their faces, observing the beauty in the up-cycled art that had been recreated into something magical. Fellow art student Joshua Martin-Schlichting described his art as an extension of nature, with a beautifully decorated wind chime made from reclaimed bottles, metal from a hospital bed, hemp rope, and a planter base. His work captured the feeling of walking through the forest, with the winds blowing across your face and body, the smell of the forest, and the sound of wind rushing past you.
The Gallery is dedicated to:
  • Sustaining and promoting contemporary art and visual culture through exhibitions and programming, which creates a stimulating environment conducive to learning and creative expression.
  • Enriching the cultural life of the campus, the local community, and the North Coast region.
  • Providing local and statewide leadership in the exhibition of contemporary art through regional, national, and international exhibitions.
  • Enhancing visual literacy and critical thinking while promoting the highest professional standards of artistry and craft.
  • Fusing our instructional programs in the Arts and Humanities directly to the cultural vitality of the community.

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