2020-2021 ASG Officers

Associated Student Government

The Associated Student Government (ASG) is an organization through which the needs and interests of students are represented, extracurricular activities can be developed, and the recognition of students’ rights and responsibilities can be fostered.

The Mission of the ASG is to promote an effective and inclusive academic, social, and cultural environment for all CCC Students. It will encourage opportunities for leadership and character development, as well as strengthen student representation and participation in all College related activities.

Essentially, ASG exists to represent, serve, and empower all Clatsop Community College students.

ASG officers serve as leaders on campus, in the classroom, and in the larger community.

Benefits of serving as an ASG Officer:

  • One 4-credit class voucher per term;
  • Develop leadership and teamwork skills;
  • Build their resume for future jobs and scholarships;
  • Make a positive impact on your peers & community;
  • Build a network of support at CCC.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Be enrolled as a CCC student;
  • Hold and maintain a 3.0+ GPA for all college coursework (entering students must hold a 3.0+ GPS for all high school coursework);
  • Hold a clean record of student conduct;
  • Able to follow detailed instructions and work independently;
  • Able to communicate with a diverse population in person, email, phone;
  • Attend ASG meetings;
  • Able to work 6 hours a week during the school year.

ASG Officer Duties

  • Serves as Executive Officer responsible for ASG affairs and activities
  • Serves as student representative at College Board Meetings
  • Proposes student forums and encourages student feedback
  • Prepares ASG meeting Agendas
  • Interprets ASG policies and procedures
  • Works with Treasurer to develop annual budget
  • Pre-approves all requisitions and purchase orders
  • Takes the lead in the planning , delegation, and execution of ASG activities
  • Administers the oath of office at ASG Induction Ceremony
  • Serves as member of interview committee for selecting successor
  • Assumes the duties of the President in their absence
  • Serves as student representative at College Council Meetings
  • Manages the planning , delegation, and execution of ASG activities
  • Manages annual ASG awards
  • Executes student forums and encourages student feedback
  • Takes minutes at ASG meetings
  • Manages the ASG budget
  • Provides regular financial reports
  • Maintains requisition and purchase order records
  • Attends regular ASG meetings
  • Manages the delegation, planning and execution of activities and events.
    • Plans the annual Red Cross Blood Drive.
    • Coordinates Voter Registration activities.
    • Manages the annual ASG awards process.
    • Develops other events as approved by ASG.
  • Serves as the ASCCC and ASG representative on the College Council as directed.
  • Participates in student forums and encourages student feedback.
  • Attends regular ASG Meetings.


  • The position of Events Coordinator for the Associated Student Government of Clatsop Community College is now open for applications.  The successful applicant will complete the current term which lasts until the end of the Spring 2021 quarter. ASG officers receive a 4 credit tuition waiver in each term they serve.

    If you are interested in representing your fellow students, and being involved in helping CCC become more successful, apply here.


  • Promotes student club formation and activities
  • Encourages the creation and sustainability of club sports teams
  • Develops college-wide club events as approved by ASG
  • Communicates pertinent information to club leaders
  • Attends regular ASG meetings
  • Participate in student forums and encourages student feedback
  • Relays a student’s perspective of CCC’s strengths to prospective students.
  • Conveys Admissions requirements.
  • Assists in carrying out a variety of admission’s related projects.
  • Guides tours of Campus
  • Participates in Clatsop open house events. 
  • Hosts peer to peer info-sessions on campus.
  • Represents CCC at recruiting events including; college fairs, and information sessions. 
  • One quarter as a student at CCC.
  • Positive attitude and interest in promoting CCC.
  • Attends regular ASG meetings.
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