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May 1

Transgender Resource Guide

Streaming Video
(accessible only by CCC students, staff, and faculty)
  • Assume Nothing – Artistic expression of alternatively gendered people’s lives reveals a captivating world where gender cannot be defined as simply male or female. This program features New Zealand photographer Rebecca Swan and her images for Assume Nothing, a book that explores the beauty and complexity of gender identity.
  • Becoming Me: The Gender Within – What ultimately determines a person’s gender? Is it chromosomes, hormones, genitals, or an innate sense of self? In this Telly Award–winning program, five transgendered individuals between the ages of 20 and 50 speak openly about what it has meant to them to be transgendered—their first experiences of gender confusion, life after coming out, family responses, and more.
  • Transcending Gender: Portraits from the Transgender Community – If the challenges and complexities of a transgendered lifestyle are hard for some people to identify with, firsthand accounts of those experiences may be the best means of creating more understanding. This program features real-world portraits of individuals from the transgendered community
  • Growing Up Trans (HQ1075 .G769 2015) – An intimate exploration of the struggles and choices facing transgender kids and their parents. Through moving, personal stories of children, parents, and doctors, the film examines new medical interventions increasingly being offered at younger ages.
  • Just Gender (HQ77.9 .J878 2016) – Told through personal stories, professional insight and historical perspective, this film explores the depths of transgender experience in day-to-day living- the confusion, the isolation, the discrimination felt by many transgender people- and the blossoming joy in growing awareness and personal acceptance.
  • Southern Comfort (HQ1075 .S68 2003) – Robert Eads is a 52-year-old wise-cracking cowboy who was born female and transitioned into living as a man after bearing two sons. Fifteen years later, he has fallen in love with Lola Cola, a vivacious and magnetic woman who was born male. Together they are coping with Robert’s terminal case of ovarian cancer.
(accessible only by CCC students, staff, and faculty)
  • Gender and Culture in America by Nancy Patricia McKee and Linda Stone (HQ1075.5.U6 M35 2007)
  • LGBTQ Cultures: What Health Care Professionals Need to Know About Sexual and Gender Diversity by Michele J. Eliason and Peggy L. Chinn (RA564.9.H65 L43 2018) 
  • Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (PS3555.U4 M53 2002)
  • Struggling for Ordinary: Media and Transgender Belonging in Everyday Life by Andre Cavalcante (HQ77.9 .C398 2018)
  • Trans Kids: Being Gendered in the Twenty-First Century by Tey Meadow (HQ1075 .M425 2018)

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