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Student Issues


Interim Dean of Student Success / Director, Financial Aid

Columbia Hall

Sanctions for Violation of Student Code of Conduct

(Reference, Policy 6.212; adopted 6-30-97 as part of Procedure 6.210P; revised 7-25-02)

Note: this information is currently being revised.

The Dean of Student Services will be responsible for maintaining and disseminating a disciplinary procedure for imposing sanctions while ensuring a student’s right to due process (Student Discipline policy/procedure-6.215/6.215P). The severity of the sanction(s) should reflect the severity of the violation and may be imposed singly or in any combination. Sanctions for violation(s) of the Student Code of Conduct may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Written Reprimand: Written warning that a student’s conduct does not meet College standards and that continuation of such misconduct may result in further disciplinary action.
  2. Disciplinary Probation: Imposition of a probationary status, for which further violations may result in additional disciplinary action, including suspension. Disciplinary probation may be imposed for any length of time up to one calendar year. The terms of the probation and conditions for ending it will be specified in a letter to the student. Disciplinary probation may include referral for intervention, screening, and treatment in cases where use of alcohol or other controlled substances have impaired safety and judgment.
  3. Personal Mental Health Referral: A sanction which may be invoked in circumstances where the student’s behavior poses a potential threat to the campus community.
  4. Bar Against Re-Enrollment: May be imposed on a student who has a disciplinary case pending or who fails to pay a debt to the College.
  5. Restitution: Reimbursement for costs of damage to a person or property or for a misappropriation of property. Restitution may take the form of appropriate services to repair or otherwise compensate for damages. Restitution may be imposed in combination with any other penalty.
  6. Withholding of an Official Transcript: May be imposed upon a student who fails to pay a debt to the College.
  7. Suspension of Rights or Privileges: Imposes specific limitations on, or restrictions to, the status of a student’s enrollment at the College.
  8. Suspension of Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities: Prohibited from joining a recognized student organization and participating in its activities or attending its meetings and/or from participating in official athletic or other extracurricular activities for any length of time up to one calendar year.
  9. Temporary Exclusion: An instructor or supervisory staff member may remove a student from class, a service area, or a College sponsored event when, in the judgment of the instructor or supervisor the student is disrupting the educational or administrative processes of the College or poses a danger to other staff or students. Prior to removal, the instructor or supervisor must inform the student of the nature of the disruptive behavior and request that the student cease the behavior. If the student does not comply, the instructor or supervisor has the authority to ask the student to leave the service area or College sponsored event for the remainder of the class session, service day, or event.
  10. Suspension: A student may be suspended for a defined period of time. During a period of suspension the student is prohibited from registering for one or more credit or non-credit classes sponsored by the College and may be barred from entering the College campus except with the permission of the President, Vice-President of Instruction, Dean of Student Services, or Dean of Learning. The conditions of re-enrollment shall be stated in the letter of suspension.
  11. Summary Suspension: Summary suspension may be used to protect the College from potential disruption of instructional or other college activities, or to protect the safety of students, faculty, staff, or College property. Summary suspension, for the purpose of investigating the event or events in which the student or students were allegedly involved, shall be for no more than five (5) school days; however, it may be continued pending final disposition of the case if it is deemed necessary for the safety of students, faculty, staff, or College property or in cases where the student’s presence is considered to be disruptive to the orderly functioning of the College.
    The President, Vice-President of Instruction, Dean of Student Services, Dean of Learning or their designees may summarily suspend a student within the stated guidelines. Such suspension shall remain in effect until the outcome of a formal hearing is determined. The formal hearing shall be held no more than ten (10) working days from the first day of suspension. This timeline may be modified with the agreement of both parties.
  12. Readmission after Suspension: When a student is suspended, the conditions for re-enrollment that must be met will be outlined in the letter the student receives at the time of suspension. In the case of a long-term suspension, (more than one week), the student will be required to meet with the Vice-President of Instruction prior to re-enrollment, and to request re-enrollment in writing. The Vice-President will be responsible for determining if the conditions for re-enrollment have been met. The Vice-President will provide the student, in writing, with his/her decision regarding the student’s reentry into the College and the reasons for the decision.
  13. Expulsion: A permanent separation from the College. A student may be expelled from the College only on approval of the decision by the College’s Board of Directors

Note: The parents or guardian of any dependent student under age 18 years of age who is placed on disciplinary probation, suspended, or expelled shall be notified.

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