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May 1

Maritime Science Training & USCG


Clatsop Community College Maritime Science Department located at the MERTS Campus offers the following USCG approved Licensing, Ratings, and STCW courses. We are approved to administer tests and issue a Certificate upon completion of the course and passing all exams for the courses indicated. The below courses are offered by attending a scheduled class on specific dates and times or entry into our Modular classroom (MOD’s). Mod’s is an open entry open exit classroom allowing students to come and go as their schedule allows. Each module (class) is facilitated by a USCG approved instructor. Student’s time is logged by the hour to meet seat time requirements as approved by the USCG. Each instructor is available to students for questions and instruction during their learning. The program offers great scheduling flexibility for students. Contact us to learn more.

  • Able Seaman (with testing)
  • OUPV (with testing)
  • 100 Ton Master (with testing)
  • 200 Ton Master (with testing)
  • 500/1600/Unlimited License Prep
  • Celestial Navigation (with testing) approved for all requirements thru 2nd Mate Unlimited
  • Tankship Dangerous Liquids (with testing)
  • STCW Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch     (RFPNW with testing)
  • STCW Basic Training Original and Refresher (with testing)
  • STCW Basic and Advanced Firefighting Original and Refresher (with testing)
  • STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft (with testing)
  • STCW VPDSD (with testing)
  • STCW Global Marine Distress Safety System (GMDSS with testing)
  • STCW Bridge Resource Management (with testing)
  • STCW Leadership and Managerial (with testing)
  •  Radar Observer Unlimited Original and Refresher (with testing)
  •  Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA with testing)
  • USCG approved Training Ship Program for individuals who have little or no experience or sea service wishing to enter the Maritime Industry. The Program provides the necessary skills, training, and entry level endorsements that the industry is looking for.

Where We are Located

Clatsop Community College Maritime Science is located at the MERTS Campus 6550 Liberty Lane, Astoria OR 97103.


How to Contact us

By phone (503) 325-7962, or by email

Summer/Fall 2024
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