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Admissions is required before degree-seeking students can register for classes and before financial aid can be awarded.  Clatsop Community College is an open-door, equal-access institution that reviews and accepts applicants year-round. To qualify for admission, you must complete the following admissions process plus be at least 16 years of age and have earned a high school diploma or GED.

Step 1: Complete the Online Admissions Application for certificate and degree-seeking students. 

Step 2: Pay the $15 application fee.

Step 3: Complete the ACCUPLACER or submit transcripts for math and writing placement assessment.

(After completion of the three steps above, you will be admitted as a degree-seeking student.)


Step 4: Register for an Orientation & Advising session (once admitted). 


(Recommended): Click here for information about Financial Aid.


Still feeling lost? Give us a call at 503-338-2411 for assistance!

Nursing Applicants

Enrollment into Clatsop Community College's Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program is limited and you must apply for admission to Nursing separately. If accepted, you will begin nursing classes the following fall term. Applications are evaluated on a point scale that is based on grade point average, course work completed, residency, previous degrees, a proctored essay, and other considerations. For more info, please click this link.


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