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Spring Term 2020 Update

Now – June 13

  • All Automotive Technology lecture coursework posted online

June 15- June 26

  • In-person instruction for Spring Term

Contact Instructor Thad Nolan for information:

Spring Term 2020 Automotive Update:

Online classes are being held currently for Spring Term. All Automotive Technology lecture coursework is being posted online for students to view until June 13, 2020. Starting June 15, 2020, CCC will begin in-person instruction for Spring Term coursework but will need to end the term on June 26. This will not offer enough time to complete all of the practical coursework for an automotive degree, so the college will issue the students an “Incomplete” grade, then the Automotive Technology Faculty member will work with each Automotive Technology student individually to determine how best to finish coursework in future terms either one-on-one or in class groups. Please contact Thad Nolan at with any questions you may have.

Automotive technicians work on an incredible variety of vehicles and subsystems, with new technologies to save fuel, improve performance, and provide increased safety, making cars more complex than ever. Graduates from Clatsop Community College’s Automotive Program are prepared for this growing field through a combination of hands-on, real world experience and classroom learning from certified instructors with decades of experience.

Using state of the art equipment, students learn to diagnose, maintain, and repair all aspects of a modern vehicle.  With a strong focus on automotive electronics and engine performance our students are well prepared to work as entry level technicians in dealerships and independent repair facilities. Our instructors combine automotive knowledge with the “tricks of the trade” that help our graduates work more efficiently and better serve their customers.

Students will be able to take the EPA mandated Mobile HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) test that is required by law for anyone working on mobile air conditioning units. They will also have the opportunity to take the ASE (National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence) Entry Level Technician Certification tests. ASE is the automotive industry standard for testing and certification. Virtually every automotive repair facility requires their technicians to be ASE certified. ASE is also the pre-requisite to the corporate dealership certification process.

Average wages for automotive technicians in our region range from $16 to $26 per hour.

Automotive Technician Pathways Certificate Program

Length of training:  approximately 9 months
Roadmap for Automotive Technician

Automotive Technician Chassis/Suspension Pathways Certificate Program 

Length of training:  approximately 9 months

Roadmap for Automotive Technician Chassis/Suspension

Automotive Technician Drivability Pathways  Certificate Program 

Length of training:  approximately 9 month
Roadmap for Automotive Technician Drivability

Automotive Technician Electrical/Electronics Pathways Certificate Program 

Length of training:  approximately 9 month
Roadmap for Automotive Technician Electrical/Electronics  

Automotive Technician Powertrain Pathways  Certificate Program 
Length of training:  approximately 9 month
Roadmap for Automotive Technician Powertrain 

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  2. Take the COMPASS placement evaluation (You will be prompted to register online for the COMPASS through online admissions. For more information about the COMPASS Placement Evaluation click here).
  3. Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor (If you need help identifying your advisor contact the Student Services Center at 503-338-2411 or email). 
  4. Register for Classes.

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