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What We Do

List of Scholarships

The gift of scholarship makes a significant impact towards reducing financial barriers for CCC students. The Clatsop Community College Foundation manages over 55 endowed and annual scholarship funds. Scholarships are customized to donor intent and can be general or directed to support students enrolled in specific programs. The categories below list the various scholarship funds.

Associate of Science

  • Allyn Washington (Transfer in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or Chemistry)
  • Amelia Kuitert Memorial
  • James Hill Memorial (biology, fish, or wildlife sciences)
  • Sue Richardson Memorial (Math Education, Math, Education, Physics, or another science; excluding Nursing)


  • World of Speed

Creative Department

  • Judy Hogan Art
  • CCC Visual Art
  • Emmett D. Towler
  • Ralph Wirfs & Karen Kenyon (Library, English, Journalism, Communications, Writing)

GED, ESL, etc.

  • Barbara Emily Knudson Foundation
  • ESL/Adult Basic Education
  • Arthur Fertig Memorial
  • Michael J. Ferguson Memorial
  • Mary Wood Memorial
  • The Raven
  • Rochester

General Scholarships

  • Arline & Cliff LaMear
  • Assistance League of the Columbia Pacific Scholarship
  • CCC Foundation Fund
  • Chet & Edie Hogan Teaching (2nd year)
  • Dr. John & Mrs. Jan Swanson (2nd year)
  • Dwight T. Holland Memorial
  • Funland Entertainment Center
  • James & Pamela Alegria Scholarship
  • Karen Elder Scholarship
  • Magic Opportunity Fund
  • Megan Samuel Memorial
  • Memorial Endowment
  • Sally and Nestor Leino Memorial
  • Sara Shawa
  • Steven Mund (graduates from Clatsop County high schools)
  • Warfield & Elizabeth Martin (2nd year, career plans in teaching)


  • Anderson Generational Nursing Scholarship
  • Brenda Penner & Steve Forrester
  • Carol P. Schwartz
  • CMH Auxiliary Nursing
  • Columbia Memorial Hospital
  • The Margaret Chopping
  • Whitehead & Warwick Memorial
  • Laurie Choate Memorial
  • Lorraine Rodriguez Memorial
  • Meredith Fick Memorial
  • Merriam Shawa Nursing
  • Seaport Lodge #7 AF & AM Nursing

Historic Preservation

  • CCC Historic Preservation


  • Allan & Marie Gann
  • PNW Chief Warrant Officers Association
  • Maritime Industry Helping Hand
  • Scott Parker Memorial

Other Applied Science

  • Nehalem Bay Emergency Services
  • Step to Success Career Tech


  • Edward Reed Welding & Fabrication

2023-2024 CCC Foundation Scholarships

-> Nearly $390,000 in endowed and annual scholarship funding is available for CCC students.

-> 214 total scholarships available.

-> $400-$5,000 is the range of individual scholarship amounts. The average amount is $1,750

-> $28,199 is the cost of full time attendance, including tuition, fees, books, room and board, transportation, and other education related expenses.

**Help us reach our goal to provide a scholarship to all qualified CCC students who apply.

New Scholarship Funds: 

    • Anderson Generational Nursing Scholarship (annual)
    • James & Pamela Scholarship (annual, certificate and degree students)
    • Karen Elder Scholarship (annual, certificate and degree students)

Thank you to ALL of our scholarship supporters.

Your gifts help CCC students have access to the tools and resources they need to help them succeed in school and in life!

Cost of Attendance at CCC

For students living with their parents, the total cost of attendance per term is over $5,400.

The total cost to attend three terms is over $16,300 a year.

In addition to covering the cost of tuition, fees, books and supplies, basic needs like housing, food and transportation are financial barriers for CCC students working to complete their education.

Monthly gifts make a BIG impact towards helping CCC students achieve their goals:

  • $10 monthly gift  = tuition for one credit hour ($120 a year)
  • $30 monthly gift = tuition for a three credit class ($360 a year)
  • $50 monthly gift = books and supplies for one student for 1 term ($600 a year)
  • $125 monthly gift = full tuition and fees for one student for one term ($1,500 a year)
  • $150 monthly gift= books and supplies for one student for one year ($1,800 a year)