EMT & Paramedic

EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)

EMT 151 & EMT 152 - Emergency Medical Technician, Part 1 & 2

The EMT course is two quarters in length and is offered every fall (EMT 151) and winter (EMT 152) terms during the evening.  This course meets the Oregon State Health Division and Federal Department of Transportation requirements for EMT and prepares students to provide basic pre-hospital emergency medical care and transportation of the sick and injured.  Successful completion of EMT 151 & 152 qualifies the student to take both the Oregon Heath Authority and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians certification exams for EMT.

Who can register for EMT?

To register for this course you must meet certain requirements for reading, writing, math, immunizations, TB testing, high school diploma/GED, be over 18 years of age, submit a passport photo, etc.  See the checklist below for specific requirements to register for EMT.

EMT 2020 Checklist + drug & background ck forms (.pdf)

EMT 154 & EMT 155 - ADVANCED EMT, Part 1 & 2 will be offered as needed.

The AEMT course is two quarters in length and is offered on an as needed basis, winter and spring terms.  It prepares the student to provide AEMT level care for the pre-hospital emergency medical client and transportation of the sick and injured.  It incorporates discussion, demonstration, and practical application of the following:  roles and responsibilities, patient assessment, airway management, intravenous and intraosseous therapy, shock management, EKG monitoring, defibrillation, emergency pharmacology, and EMT protocols.

Who can register for AEMT?

To register for this course, the student must have a current Oregon EMT license or higher and meet the other specific requirements listed in the checklist below.

To register go to and search under Course Title. Additional classes will be available summer term.

The estimated cost of EMT:

    • EMT 151 - (fall term) tuition and fees $720 and textbook plus workbook estimated at $219.
    • EMT 152- (winter term) tuition and fees $720. The estimated cost of the EMT Advanced course (offered on an as needed basis winter and spring terms) is the same as the EMT course above. The Advanced textbook plus workbook $215.75. All prices are subject to change.


The Oregon Health Authority, Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Program (OHA-EMS) requires electronic fingerprints based criminal history check in accordance with ORS 181.537(2) and (3) for all applicants who have lived, worked, or attended school for 60 or more consecutive days outside Oregon in the last five years and for renewal license applicants who since last licensed have lived, worked, or attended school for 60 or more consecutive days outside Oregon.  Upon completion of the program, the fingerprints must be turned in with the Oregon State EMT license application.


In addition, all NREMT applicants are now required to have electronic fingerprints through Fieldprint service.  However, students must wait until completing their EMS course and passing the NREMT's tests before scheduling with Fieldprint service for the fingerprint process.


For more information about scheduling a Fieldprint appointment click here.

EMT Certification

Upon completion of the EMT program the student must pass tests for state and national certification. The state test provided by the Oregon Health Authority is a practical (hands-on skills) test.


The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) provides a written (computer) knowledge test that is scheduled at a Pearson Testing facility. For more information on the NREMT Cognitive Exam, click here.


For more information regarding certification, please visit OR State EMS Website.

Emergency Medical Services Pathways Certificate Program
Length of training:  approximately 6 months
Roadmap for Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Technician Pathways Certificate Program

Length of training:  approximately 6 months
Roadmap for Emergency Medical Technician


Partnership with Southwestern Oregon Community College

There are a limited number of seats available for this program. The admissions committee will review all application packets and select qualified applicants for an interview. Interviews take place at the beginning July 2019 and notifications of acceptance will take place later in the month. Space is limited; we encourage you to submit your application early.


Entrance into the paramedic course at SWOCC involves a competitive selection process. This process will include an oral interview.


This points-based process evaluates the following:

    • Emergency and medical experience
    • GPA & Academic Progress (specific grades and retakes are taken into consideration)
    • Written and verbal communication skills (based on successful completion of prerequisites) and introductory essay.
    • Two letters of recommendation from professional familiar with candidate.


Candidates with the highest point totals are selected. Alternate candidates or tiebreakers will be chosen by the highest scores from the interview.

  • Current licensure as an Oregon EMT, AEMT or Oregon-Intermediate in good standing with the Oregon Health Authority EMS and Trauma Systems.
  • Have a current healthcare provider CPR card or certificate of course completion that meets or exceeds the 2015 American Heart Association ECC guidelines or equivalent standards approved by the Authority (must remain current throughout program).
  • Completion of all current prerequisites for EMT296 with a grade of C or better.
  • Completion of a full year of anatomy and physiology within the last 5 years OR the last course of the sequence slated for completion by the summer term before the paramedic course; students must pass these courses with a C or better.

  • Six months or more of patient care experience in an emergency setting
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Completion of BI*234 - Microbiology
  • Completion of Math*111

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