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Today's student frequently has a demanding schedule with work, family, and other obligations.  These can be barriers to traveling to campus for the traditional classroom environment.  Clatsop Community College offers online classes to serve those students unable to enroll in or attend standard on-campus courses.

Online courses allow students to enroll in and work on classes at their convenience from home or the workplace.  Are you a night owl?  You can be reading your lectures at 2:00am.  Are the kids safely in bed?  You can be working on your Discussion Board question for the week.  Is it your lunch hour?  You have just enough time to take this week's chapter quiz.

Don't misunderstand, online classes aren't easy. You have to spend as much time as in a regular on-campus class doing homework, reading the textbook, discussing with other students - about 9 hours per week for a 3 credit class.  The great thing about it, though, is that you can be doing all this according to your own weekly schedule.  As long as you observe the instructor's due dates, you have a lot of flexibility.

For more information on whether an online class would work for you, follow this link and take the Are Online Courses Right for Me? quiz.

Or follow this link for a more in-depth discussion of what is involved in an online course.

To view a list of courses offered this term follow this available online courses link.

Take a look at a strategy for success in online courses

For more information about online courses, email Kirsten Horning in the Distance Education Office or call (503) 338-2341.



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