Degrees & Certificates

Degrees and Certificates
I want to be more competitive for employment?  How can i build my skills in one year or less? I know what i want to do and would like to begin my professional training as soon as possible. I want to earn a bachelor's degree!

One Year Certificates

AWS Entry-Level Welder

Automotive Technician

Business Professional

CADD Technician

Historic Preservation and Restoration

Medical Assistant



Less than One Year Certificate

Career Pathways

Automotive Technician

Business Professional

Fire Science

Medical Assistant



Short Term Training

Nursing Assistant

Emergency Medical Technician

Associate of Applied Science

(Two Years)


Accounting Technician

Automotive Technician

Business Management

Construction Trades/General Apprentice*

Criminal Justice

Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies*

Fire Science

Historic Preservation and Restoration

Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technology*


Vessel Operations







*Enrollment limited to students who are enrolled or have completed a BOLI approved apprenticeship.

Transfer Degrees

(Two Years)


Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree


Associate of Science Oregon Transfer Degree in Business


Associate of Science Oregon Transfer Degree in Computer Science


Associate of General Studies

(Applied Science)

(Liberal Arts)


Oregon Transfer Module

(One Year transfer plan, no degree awarded)










Specific information may be found on these degrees by clicking any of the degrees listed above.

You may earn more than one degree at Clatsop Community College. To be awarded an additional degree or degrees, however, you must complete at least 24 credits of coursework different from each of the previous degree(s). In addition, you must fulfill all the specified requirements for each new degree. Degrees will be awarded once you have completed the graduation petition process.
The College also offers structured state-approved certificates in particular Applied Science fields. Specific requirements are listed in the program descriptions in the catalog. A certificate may not be awarded concurrently with or subsequent to a degree in the same applied science program.

There are different types of certificates offered at the College. They are in the following categories:
  • Career Pathway: typically 12-18 credits of coursework that provides a specific subset of skills.
  • Less than One-year: less than 45 credits of coursework.
  • One-year: requires a minimum of 45 credits.
At least 12 credits must be earned at Clatsop to receive any of these certificates from the College. Additionally, there are mathematics, writing, and human relations requirements for the Less than One-year, and One-year certificate programs.

Please see your advisor or the Student Services Center for further information about the degree and certificate programs offered at Clatsop Community College.


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