Business Management


Everyone who has worked for someone else knows that there are different types of supervisors; some are exceptional and some are not. Clatsop Community College is training the next generation of exceptional business managers with a curriculum designed and reviewed by the employers in our region. Our graduates are working in offices throughout the North Coast in the manufacturing, hospitality, health care, government and professional services sectors. Many graduates use what they learned to start and run successful small businesses.

The business management program combines a foundation of core knowledge in business, technology and accounting with the communication, work ethic and customer service “soft skills” that are in high demand. Our students learn to be effective written and spoken communicators, how to be part of and lead a team, and how to succeed with others. Further, students study key concepts of law and economics that impact every business. Students also combine what they have learned in the classroom with real-world training through cooperative work experience.

For students interested in starting or growing their own business, Clatsop Community College’s Small Business Development Center offers classes and one-on-one coaching. 

Average wages for this field range from $16 to $27 per hour.

Business Professional Pathways Certificate Program
Length of training:  approximately 9 months
Roadmap for Business Professional

Communication in Business Pathways Certificate Program

Length of training:  approximately 12 months
Roadmap for Communication in Business

View the Academic Catalog to explore classes and information about the Business program (pgs. 34-37 and 44-45)

20-21 College Catalog

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