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Youth Summer Classes

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Studio Art

Studio Art

Explore a range of drawing and painting techniques in a variety of media during this one-week intensive studio class. Class activities will emphasize experimentation with found/repurposed items while encouraging students to seek their own path to individual creative expression in a supportive environment.
Ages 12 – 18 | July 22 – 25 | 4 sessions | $85

Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of using the elements of design to communicate visually. In this class, we'll learn about Graphic Design and how to use the principles and elements of design to explore our creative side. Each day, we'll roll up our sleeves and tackle new, hands-on projects—playing with color and lines, type and images both on the computer and with our hands!
Ages 14 – 18 | July 22 – 25 | 4 sessions | $85

Intro to Electrical Engineering

Intro to Electrical Engineering

Electronics are at the center of the modern world. Take the first leap toward creating your own as we learn the basic principles of circuit design, from simple passive components like resistors and capacitors to more advanced devices, such as motors, transistors, logic gates, LEDs, Arduinos, sensors, and more! Laptops not required, but please bring one if you have one!
Ages 12 – 18 | July 30 – Aug 8 | 7 sessions | $150

3D Video Game Design: Game Creation

3D Game Design: Game Creation

Build your own video game! Using easy-to-learn, industry-standard software, we'll explore the basics of video game design. Topics covered include sourcing game assets, programming game mechanics, and designing custom game worlds. In class, each student will develop their own playable game and leave with the skills and tools to continue expanding their project.
Ages 12 – 18 | July 30 – Aug 8 | 7 sessions | $115

3D Video Game Design: Content Creation

3D Game Design: Content Creation

Take your video game design to the next level! In this course, we'll dive into the finer points of the Unity3D game engine and learn the tools and techniques necessary to build visually and mechanically engaging games. Topics include original asset creation, special effects, advanced game physics programming, and game-objective design.
Ages 14 – 18 | Aug 12 – 22 | 8 sessions | $115

Intro to Computer Vision


Intro to Computer Vision

Computer Vision is the art of teaching machines not just to see the world around them, but to understand it. This art is essential to the robots, smartphones, and vehicles of tomorrow. In this class, we'll learn the basics of computer vision, including image capture, fundamental filtration techniques, live video processing, shape detection, facial detection, motion detection, edge detection, and more. These skills will be taught using Python and a Pi Camera on the Raspberry Pi platform. Students will walk away with an understanding of the basic techniques of computer vision and a viable testing platform for future ideas!
Ages 14 – 18 | Aug 12 – 22 | 8 sessions | $150

2019 Lineup

July 22 – 25, Mon – Thurs

8:30 am – noon Graphic Design – Canceled Ages 14 – 18 4 sessions $85
1 pm – 4:30 pm Studio Art – Camp is full! Ages 12 – 18 4 sessions $85

July 30 – Aug 8, Mon – Thurs

(no class Mon, June 29)

8:30 am – noon 3D Video Game Design: Game Creation – Camp is full! Ages 12 – 18 7 sessions $115
1 pm – 4:30 pm Intro to Electrical Engineering Ages 12 – 18 7 sessions $150

Aug 12 – 22, Mon – Thurs

8:30 am – noon3D Video Game Design: Content CreationAges 14 – 188 sessions$115
1 pm – 4:30 pmIntro to Computer Vision *new*Ages 14 – 188 sessions$150
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