WR 227 Syllabus Spring 2011 Brown

WR 227
Technical Writing
Dr. Julie Brown

Class Meets: T Th 9:00-10:15 or 10:30-11:45
Where: T T306; Th T105 lab
Instructor's Office: T306
Office Hours: MWF 11-12; T Th 12:00-1:00
Phone: 338-2471 or 325-0910

General Description: Students research, organize, and present written and oral technical communications in a variety of fields.

Objectives: Students become familiar with the protocols of technical documentation, experience the types of technical writing required in the professional environment, and gain proficiency in writing applicable to their employment goals.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of WR 121, or instructor’s permission.

Texts and Supplies:
• Technical Writing for Readers and Writers, 2nd ed.
• Dictionary
• White out
• Stapler—you are required to staple all papers that are more than 1 page.  If you do not staple your papers, I will return them to you ungraded.
• Access to computer—all assignments must be typed.
• Jump drive for saving things we do in the lab.

Assignments and Grading:
40%  small weekly assignments
30%  report
30%  proposal

90-100% A, 80-89% B, 70-79% C, 60-69% D, 0-59% F

Late Paper Policy: In the world of work, personal problems cannot get in the way of your professional success.  In this class, therefore, we will follow a set of standards similar to what you will find on the job.  It is your responsibility to get your completed work handed in on time.  On time means you have your paper ready to hand in at the exact time class starts.  Any paper that comes in after that will not be read but will receive 60% only.  Should a serious emergency come up (you are in hospital, death in immediate family) please discuss it with me before the deadline to possibly make other arrangements. Some assignments may be e-mailed to me (please, only if it says so on the assignment).  These need to be sent to my computer before class on the day they are due.  If you do e-mail me your work, use the subject line to write WR 227 and be sure to put your full name on the document.  Sometimes we will work on projects in the computer lab.  If you miss class on these days, you may not make up this work.  If you miss an in-class activity because of an absence, you may not make it up unless you have made arrangements with me before that day.

Plagiarism:  If you hand in a paper written by another person, you will fail the assignment and may also fail the course.  In case I have any questions about the authenticity of your work, please save all drafts and notes, as well as graded essays, until you receive your report card.

Check Student Handbook for all policies not covered by this syllabus.

The most important advice I can give you for succeeding in this class can be summed up in these two policies:

I.  Be a Proactive Learner
• Come to class regularly (if you are absent, please call in to let me know)
• Come to class on time
• Come to class prepared to learn (do your homework, bring your supplies)
• If you are confused or unsure, please ask the teacher for help
• If you need extra help with a concept, visit the writing lab (Columbia Hall)
• If something is bothering you, come to the teacher’s office to discuss
• Give this class your full effort and attention
• Keep track of your own grade—and success—as we go through the quarter

II. Be Respectful of Others
• Don’t “pack your bags” before you are dismissed
• Don’t carry on private conversations during lecture or discussion—this is rude
• Turn off your cell phone before coming to class, don’t text
• Don’t get up and walk out in the middle of lecture or discussion
• Be a good listener when others are speaking



WR 227: Technical Writing Schedule
(Tuesday T306; Thursday T105 lab)

Mar 29 T introduction, syllabus

31 Th LAB: read Ch1 writing in the workplace
   Read Ch 2 writing for readers
   Assignment: case study on p34, including 1) page of web site,
   2) memo, 3) letter (due Tuesday). See p581 memos, p576 letters

Apr 5 T review grammar and punctuation

7 Th LAB: read Ch 3 ethical challenges
   read Ch 18 memos, letters, email
   Assignment: analyze unethical website

12 T read Ch 4 collaborative writing
   Assignment: write instructions for simple task

14 Th LAB: read Ch 5 research
   Assignment: compile list of Astoria websites
19 T read Ch 6 organizing information (lab?)
   Assignment: combine lists into well-organized team list

21 Th LAB: read Ch 7 editing for effectiveness
   Assignment: edit the memo from school administrator

26 T read Ch 8 reader-based language

28 Th LAB: read Ch 9 designing documents (also skim Ch 10)

May 3 T read Ch 11 front and back matter assign reports

5 Th LAB: read Ch 14 work on reports

10 T work on reports

12 Th LAB: work on reports, assign proposals

17 T work on reports

19 Th LAB: read Ch 12 proposals (skim Ch 13)
   reports due

24 T work on proposals

26 Th LAB: work on proposals

31 T work on proposals

June 2 Th LAB: proposals due
   oral reports

Jun  6-10   Finals Week

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