WR 122 syllabus winter 2011




WR 122 Syllabus Winter 2011

WR 122
English Composition
Dr. Julie Brown

Class Meets: MWF 10:00-11:00. Mon Wed in T306, Fri in T105 computer lab
Instructor's Office: T 305 B
Phone: 338-2471 office and voice mail
My Web Page:
Office Hours: MWF 11-12, T Th 9:30-10:30
Prerequisite: Successful completion of WR 121 or equivalent with instructor's permission.

Description: This term you will learn how to write persuasive or argumentative essays. You will learn how to identify an issue, explore and research it, and identify your own position. Then you will write an essay that defends your position and persuades others to agree with you. You will also learn how to write an essay that disagrees with someone else’s position. We will write about social issues this quarter.

A major component of this course is critical thinking. Emphasis will be on asking questions, discussing ideas, arguing, defending, re-thinking, breaking apart, synthesizing, scrutinizing, and evaluating…critical thinking is necessary for your success at work and for your role as a citizen in a democracy.

Texts and Supplies:
Hacker, A Writer’s Reference.
A dictionary
White out, stapler, jump drive

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to
1. identify, explore, and research a socially significant issue
2. define your own position in a thesis statement
3. use evidence, examples, and reasons to support your position
4. continue to build upon the skills learned in WR 121 (interesting introduction, clear thesis, support for position, meaningful conclusion, interesting style and voice)
5. work collaboratively with peers in the revising process
6. develop critical thinking skills in both reading and writing
7. write an essay that shows evidence of revising, editing, and proofreading.

Assignments and Grading:
Essay #1 research 5
Rough draft 5
Final draft 15
Follow-up 5

Essay #2 research 5
Rough draft 5
Final draft 15
Follow-up 5

Essay #3 research 5
Rough draft 5
Final draft 15
Follow-up 5

Collaboration (attendance, discussion, workshop) 10 pts.

Late Paper Policy: It is your responsibility to get your completed work handed in on time. Any paper that comes in late will not be read but will receive 60% only (partial credit, better than a zero). Should an emergency come up (you are in hospital, death in immediate family, etc.) please discuss it with me before the deadline to make other arrangements. No make ups on in-class work unless you pre-arrange it with me.

Plagiarism: If you hand in a paper written by another person, you will fail the course. If you use someone else’s ideas or language in your paper without proper documentation, you will fail the assignment. In case I have any questions about the authenticity of your work, please save all drafts and notes, as well as graded essays, until you receive your report card.

Cell Phone Policy: Please, turn off your phone before coming to class. Please, no texting in class.

WR 122 Schedule (subject to change) Brown

5 W introduction/syllabus/assign essays (global,    national,      local)
7 F lab—research global issues

10 M discuss global issues
12 W essay writing demo
14 F lab--identify position (thesis), organize material (outline)

17 M MLK—no school
19 W workshop rough draft
21 F lab—citing sources

24 M final draft essay #1 due, follow up in class
26 W bring newspaper: explore national issues
28 F lab—research national issues

31 M discuss issues


2 W identify position (thesis), organize material (outline)
4 F lab—essay writing demo

7 M MLA format, sample essay
9 W rough draft due (workshop)
11 F lab--workshop rough draft

14 M proofreading review
16 W bring newspaper: explore local issues
18 F lab—research local issues

21 M President’s Day—no school
23 W final draft essay #2 due, follow up in class
25 F lab—identify position (thesis), organize material (outline)

28 M rough draft due (workshop)


2 W workshop rough draft
4 F lab

7 M movie
9 W movie
11 F final draft essay #3 due, proofread

Mar 14-17 finals week
















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