WR 121 Global Essay Instructions

WR 122

Essay Arguing a Position on a Global Issue

Spend some time reading newspapers, magazine, and the internet in order to identify a global issue that is interesting to you. Be sure it is an issue that has at least two sides to it (example: There should be a world-wide minimum wage/Business should be able to pay the wages they can afford).

Research the issue until you feel like you have a pretty good idea of what both sides of the debate are thinking. (People have a right to earn a living vs. business have a right to earn a profit). Make a chart that lists reasons for each side.

Choose one side, and make a claim. Assert which side you are on. Come up with three reasons why you think the way you do.

Gather as much evidence as you can from your research (3 sources minimum). I want you to also find 3 quotations to use in your essay.

Shape your claim into a thesis statement (The United Nations should establish a global minimum wage because workers have a right to fair pay, motivated workers work harder, and well-paid workers become better consumers).

Try using this formula: ____________ should/should not ___________ because _______________.

Write a rough draft that follows this outline:
• Introduction
• Thesis
• Background
• Reasons
• Response to opposition
• Conclusion

Share your rough draft with others in class for feedback.

Revise, write as final draft.

Proofread one more time.


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