WR 121 Essay #3

Essay Assignment
WR 121


Write an essay that answers one of the questions below:

1. Analyze the quality of education you received in public schools.  You may want to write an essay about one special teacher, one horrible teacher, one good class, or one bad class.  Another way to do this would be to ask yourself whether or not you received a good education in your school district (K-12), and try to figure out why or why not.

2. Write an essay about a personal learning experience.  It can be a lesson you learned from a tough experience or a lesson you learned from another person.

3. Write about a skill you taught yourself or that you taught someone else.  Examine your role as a teacher.

Your finished essay should be 2-4 pages, typed.  I will be looking for these things:

1) clear main idea (thesis)
2) lots of specific, relevant details to support your thesis (5 senses)
3) a lively introduction
4) a distinctive voice
5) meaningful conclusion
6) evidence of careful proofreading.

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