WR 121 Essay #1

WR 121

Essay #1: Home

Choose one of the following and answer it in essay form:

1. What place feels like home to you?  Why?  Describe the place and be sure to explain why that place makes you feel comfortable.

2. Is there a person who you like to be with so much that the person’s company feels like “home” to you?  Describe the person and be sure to explain why that person is fun to be with.

3. Make up your own question on the topic of home.  Check with me first before starting.

Your finished draft should be 2-3 pages, typed.  You will be graded according to these criteria:

1) Does your essay have a clear main idea?  Does it develop the idea completely and not wander?  Is the main idea interesting and worth reading about? 
2) Does your essay have enough supporting details?  Are they lively, specific, and interesting? 
3) Does your essay show evidence of careful revising, editing, and proofreading?

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