Medical Assistant

Two medical assisting students reviewing wound care

Medical Assistants perform routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep healthcare delivery systems running smoothly. They work in reception, scheduling, medical records, insurance billing, and as a medical office secretary. […]


student notes and calculator

Like learning a language, the study of mathematics gives a new perspective on the world. Mathematicians and engineers seek ways to better understand numbers and space, and there are many […]

Maritime Science

Employment in the maritime industry is booming to meet the demands of global trade and the energy industry. Clatsop Community College offers United States Coast Guard accredited training combining classroom […]

Law (Pre-Professional)

A legal education prepares students for careers far beyond the courtroom. Lawyers serve as advisors for companies and governments and advocates for people and families. They must be effective communicators, […]


An Associate of Arts, Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree focused on history may include classes on literature, communication, foreign languages, economics and philosophy, all of which are part of the study […]

Historic Preservation & Restoration

Astoria is a city of many historic structures. Some have been restored to their original condition while dozens more will need the attention of skilled craftsmen and women with the […]

Foreign Languages

Students at tables in classroom

Students interested in focusing their education on mastering a foreign language can begin at Clatsop. Our students benefit from small classes where conversation and vocabulary are the focus. Clatsop Community […]

Fire Science

Whether it is fires in our homes, motor vehicle collisions, medical issues, wildland fires, natural disasters, calls for public assistance, or fire prevention and education, since the 1700s the American […]


Students gather for Poetry Club

An AAOT focused on English is a solid foundation for many liberal arts fields. If you are interested in teaching, law, communications or digital media, English and literature classes at […]