Students who want to study accounting with a goal of becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or attending business school can begin their education at Clatsop. Increasing regulation of the […]


Welding is critical to many industries in our region, and demand for new welders is very strong. Students in the welding program at Clatsop Community College prepare to meet the […]

Veterinary Medicine (Pre-Professional)

Careers in veterinary medicine require years of advanced study. Medical coursework is rigorous and entry into professional schools is very competitive. Students interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine […]


image of group student project

Psychology is a diverse field with applications in many areas. In addition to working with individuals to understand their cognitive functioning, psychologists work with businesses to maximize the potential of […]


Physics class

From underwater robotics to circuit board construction, students in the physics classroom learn by doing. The study of the physical properties of matter and energy, students at Clatsop are exposed […]

Nursing Assistant

Nursing students practice on their skills in the nursling labs at CCC

Nursing Assistants are vital parts of a health care team. They are responsible for direct patient care under the supervision of nursing staff. Nursing Assistants perform duties including feeding, bathing, […]

Nursing – RN

Nursing students working in lab class

Registered nurses are caring and use knowledge, skills, and problem-solving abilities to help individuals, families, and groups with health needs. RNs plan, care, and work with people to help them […]

Medical & Pharmacy (Pre-Professional)

Chemistry class

Doctors and pharmacists devote years of their life to acquiring the knowledge needed to diagnose and treat their patients. Both fields remain in high demand, and both require intensive study […]