Transcript Evaluation: Military Service/Training Transcripts

Clatsop Community College recognizes the importance of your service to our country.  We also recognize that when you served, you acquired a great deal of knowledge through service and training.  This will often translate into college credit you may use toward a degree or certificate from Clatsop Community College.


After your transcript has been evaluated.  You may review this evaluation by viewing your student record through MyCCC. 


Q. How does the registrar evaluate a transcript?

A. Coursework is evaluated on the basis of how courses fit into the requirements of your selected major.

Q. Why doesn’t all of my coursework show up on my transcript evaluation?

A. Coursework from a previous institution is evaluated in terms of how each course can be applied to a degree.  Coursework is not applied if its inclusion provides no advantage to you as a student in terms of your Clatsop degree.  Below are some specific examples.


1. AAOT Electives: Students may complete “up to 12 credits of college designated Career and Technical Education courses from the OUS Transfer List B in this catalog (Catalog).    Because you have reached the maximum for this, please remember that additional professional and technical courses will not be applied to your degree.  Regardless of where you take the courses (Clatsop included), a 12 credit maximum applies to your degree.

2. “You may apply a maximum of 24 credits of ‘pass’ grades toward a degree (Catalog,).   If evaluated military coursework does not contain an awarded letter grade, the course is considered to have a “pass” as the grade awarded to the student.  Be aware of this threshold as you register for  Clatsop courses offered as Pass/NC.

3. “You must complete at least 24 credits at Clatsop for a degree (12 credits at Clatsop for a certificate)” (Catalog).  While this does not impact you on the basis of a single transcript, be aware that it may apply if you have additional transcripts to provide.  

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