Commencement and Graduation: More Info

As you near your graduation, you may hear these two words used to refer to the big night.  Commencement is the ceremony, or the act of conferring the degree/certificate.  Graduation may also refer to this night, but is more accurately the acknowledgement that a student has satisfied all requirements for a degree/certificate.  

Petitions for Graduation

All students should meet with an academic advisor to complete the petition for graduation.  This must be submitted no later than the end of the first week in the term in which the student is graduating. 

The registrar's office reviews petitions for nearly 200 students at two colleges.  Reviewing of the petitions may be ongoing until June.  After review, an email will be sent from the registrar notifying you of your status. 

After the final posting of grades, students are updated regarding the final status of their petition.

Completing requirements

If you are concerned about not completing all your requirements prior to graduation please contact the registrar's office.  Due to limited seating availability in the Liberty Theater, we require you to be within six credit hours before you may walk.  We enforce this.

Cap and Gowns

Your petition for graduation will have information on the cap and gowns.  Payment will be received by Student Services at the time the time the petition is submitted.  Cap and gowns will be available for pickup at the college bookstore. 


As a soon-to-be graduate, you know the importance of proper preparation to ensure success.  This is a chance to inform you about the event, expectations, procedures and of course have you fill out the required graduation survey.  If you have a class conflict with the rehearsal time,  Student Services will need to provide you with additional details regarding the event. Please contact the Registrar via email.


PTK members are noted in the program for their academic achievement.  Additionally, those attending commencement will wear yellow cords indicating their status as members.  These cords will be distributed by your PTK advisor.

Disability Accommodations

If you or your guests need accommodations. please contact Christine Riehl, Disabilities Specialist.  This office is located in the Student Services Center, (503) 338-2474.


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