Step 2: The Application

Step 1: The Essay Questions

Step 2: The Application


The 2018-19 Scholarship Competition opens is April 2, 2018


All scholarship applicants must sign on to the CCC website to start and complete the application process. Website login.

The Clatsop Scholarship Application is an ONLINE process. Complete only one online CCC scholarship application. Follow the steps below to apply. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions concerning this process.

Note: If you have already submitted an application, and would like to make a change to your application, you must log in to the website, go to the scholarship page and click "View your previous submissions" in the yellow alert box , then click the "Edit" link beside your most recent (non-draft) submission. You can not edit you previous submission with out logging in. Don't forget to submit the application when finished editing!

  • Complete all areas of the application accurately. Name, Address, Student ID and other things. All information is important. All information will be used to determine who is awarded a scholarship. Essays are important!

  • Complete only one (1) online CCC Scholarship application. Submitting more than one application will disqualify you from the scholarship competition!  Follow online instructions carefully!

  • The CCC Scholarship Application requires essays and other written information to be submitted by all applicants. This information can be typed into the application or can be cut and pasted. All scholarships will be determined by the written information you submit. 

  • Each scholarship may have individual requirements such as supplemental forms that must be completed and submitted. Additional requirements will be found on individual scholarship pages and descriptions.

  • Submit any additional documents need for individual scholarships to the Financial Aid Office or to off campus scholarship sponsors. NOTE: If official grade transcripts and Letters of Recommendation are needed they must remain in their original envelopes. You will need to submit these physically to the Financial Aid Office or mail them to off-campus scholarship committees--per individual scholarships instructions. Be sure the envelopes have your name AND the name of the scholarships on them so they can be include with your submitted CCC Scholarship application.

  • Important: For scholarships that require an additional Supplemental application that must be mailed off, complete the CCC Scholarship Application online. Once you receive an email from CCC stating your application has been received, you can use the link at the end of that email and from there print out your completed CCC scholarship application. Mail the printed application, along with all required documents, to the address that is listed on individual "Supplemental" applications.


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