Step 1: Answering the Essay Questions


All 2017-18 scholarship applicants must complete the essay sections of the CCC Scholarship Application. Essays will be used to determine winners in all scholarships. Be clear in your answers. Be specific. Talk about yourself and your experiences. If possible try and limit your answers to 250-300 words per essay. You can answer the questions with longer essays, but try and be clear and distinct.

The CCC Scholarship Application requires essays and other written information to be submitted by all applicants. This information can be typed into the application or can be cut and pasted.

The following are the essay questions on the Clatsop Scholarship Application:

Personal Statement:

Where are you in your life right now? What life experiences have shaped who you are today and what challenges have you overcome in achieving your education (i.e. financial, personal, medical, etc.)? Be specific. Talk about your experiences and how they relate to receiving a specific scholarship from Clatsop. What are your plans with your education from Clatsop? How will a specific scholarship help you achieve your goals?

If a specific scholarship requires you to elaborate on a certain thing, be sure to elaborate.

School and Community Related Activities:

What have you done at Clatsop both in the classroom and out? Have you participated in any activities or events while a student? Have you volunteered to do something in the world outside of Clatsop Community College? What did you do?

Employment History:

List any jobs you have had. Tell us what you did on the job. Were any of your jobs related to any of the scholarships you are applying for?

Financial Need Statement:

Certain scholarships use need as one of the criteria to determine who receives a scholarship. These are called "need-based" scholarships. When reviewing a students application it is important to see an accurate picture of your financial situation. The "Financial Need Statement" lets you explain you and your families financial situation.

This information will be used in addition to the FAFSA to determine financial need for some scholarships. Please describe your current financial situation and your need for the scholarships applied for.  List your means of supporting yourself and other relevant background and current information.  Inclusion of specific income and expense figures is strongly recommended.  Explain any special financial circumstances.  If you cannot complete the FAFSA please explain.

If you are currently receiving financial aid or have completed a FAFSA for 2016-17 or 2017-18, the Financial Aid Office will provide the CCC Scholarship Committee with information about your eligibility for need-based scholarships. If you are not currently receiving aid or have not completed a FAFSA, you will need to complete a FAFSA if possible prior to the scholarship application deadline in order to be eligible for need-based scholarships. If you cannot complete the FAFSA please explain.


Step 2: The Application

Step 3: Additional Information

Step 4: Submit Online

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