2015-2016 Clatsop Community College Scholarships


2015-16 Clatsop Community College Scholarships 




The application deadline was October 30, 2015




  • We highly encourage students to print out individual scholarship information pages to ensure all final criteria will be met as they fill out the online CCC Scholarship application.
  • The CCC Scholarship Application requires essays and other written information to be submitted by all applicants. This information can be typed into the application or can be cut and pasted.
  • Financial "Need" must be determined for some scholarships. Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible if you have not done so. If you can not complete a FAFSA please explain way on the online application in the "Financial Need Statement" section.
  • Some scholarships require documents be mailed to an off-campus address. Fill out the online CCC Scholarship application first and include the name of the off-campus scholarship on the CCC scholarship application. Follow instructions carefully! Allow one week's mailing time to ensure scholarship packets reach destinations by the deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted!
  • Scholarships listed are examples of available scholarships. Additional scholarships or changes in listed scholarships could happen at any time. All scholarship listings are subject to change without prior notice. CCC Scholarships are updated as often as practical to provide you with as accurate information possible.


2015-2016 Fall Term Clatsop Community College Scholarships




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