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2017-18 Federal Work Study employment opportunities are available!

FEDERAL WORK STUDY (FWS) is a need-based financial aid program and is available summer, fall, winter and spring terms.  Employment opportunities are available on and off campus. Students must be enrolled at least half time and may begin working only after FWS has been offered through a Financial Aid Award Letter and accepted by the student by completing the necessary paperwork.  Students must apply early, demonstrate need, and request the offer of work study on the Financial Aid Information Request (FAIR) sent to them after their FAFSA is received.  Work Study is earn-as-you-go financial aid. Students earn money as they work, rather than a single lump sum. Flexible hours. Student work a specific number of hours based on their Work Study award. Employers often allow flexibility to accommodate class schedules. Not credited toward tuition and fees, students receive a monthly paycheck for hours worked.

How to Participate in Federal Work Study:

Apply for financial aid at

Received award letter with offer of "Potential Federal Work Study".

Search for a position on the CCC website.

Fill out all paperwork listed on checklist.

Once hired, your supervisor will complete your Payroll Authorization form available in the Work Study Forms section.

Return all paperwork to the Human Resources Office.

Student and Supervisor will receive an email from Human Resources with a date the student can start working.

After your first day of work start recording your hours worked on a timesheet.

On campus work study students must complete a time card and give to their supervisor for approval by the due date listed each month. Off campus work study students must complete a time card, have your supervisor sign it and turn the time card to the Welcome Center in Columbia Hall by the due date.

All College employees are Mandatory Child Abuse Reporters. This includes all students who work for the College in the Federal Work Study Program. Here is more information regarding the policy:

Federal Work Study Resources:

Supervisor's please review the following:



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