Special Circumstances

The formula used to determine eligibility for federal student aid is basically the same for all applicants.  However, if the information provided on your FAFSA has changed significantly since you applied, you may request a review of some situations.  The two forms below are used for this purpose and can be found on our Forms & Publications page.  Review each form carefully for the type of circumstances, timelines and documentation eligible for review.

Special Circumstances form - This form is used to request a review of your financial aid eligibility as a result of changes in financial circumstances which occurred after you filed your FAFSA.  These would be situations such as a loss or reduction in benefits, a separation or divorce, death of a parent or spouse, or unusually high medical expenses not covered by insurance.   Adequate documentation to support your circumstances must be attached.  If you are requesting an adjustment for lost wages, do not use this form.  You would be referred to the Employment Income Adjustment form below.

Employment Income Adjustment form - This form is used to request a review of your financial aid eligibility as a result of loss or reduction of employment for you, your spouse (and/or your parents) during the the calendar year that follows the base year your FAFSA gathers.  Example:  The 2014-2015 FAFSA gathers your 2013 income information.  Beginning January 2015, you may submit this form with documentation of your 2014 income information such as 2014 taxes and W-2's if you had a significant reduction in income from what you originally reported in 2013.  CCC financial aid does not base financial aid adjustments on projections or estimates for future income so documentation will be required.  Your situation will be reviewed and if an adjustment is warranted, it will be retroactive to the first term you attended in the 2014-2015 academic year.

Note:  Submission of either form does not ensure a change or increase in your award.  You will be notified of the results. The review process may take several weeks.


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