The FAFSA Application

You may apply for federal and state financial aid by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at .  

The 2016-2017 FAFSA is for Summer 2016-Spring 2017.  Apply now! 

*Your first step is to complete a FAFSA every year as early as possible!

*The next step will be to check your email often as all CCC correspondence will be via the email address you list on your FAFSA. You will receive further information and/or requests for documents from CCC to complete your application.

Important note:  Your financial aid award is not only based on your FAFSA information and the date you complete it but also on the date you complete all other CCC requirements.

FAFSA will direct financial aid applicants and their parents to retrieve, directly from the IRS, certain income and other information they had reported on their federal tax returns and to automatically transfer that information to their appropriate year FAFSA.  This is referred to as the IRS Data Retrieval process and was designed to provide an easier way for students and parents to provide tax information accurately. Since filing a FAFSA is recommended in January which is before the April tax deadline, students and parents will be instructed to complete the FAFSA with estimates and simply go back to their FAFSA after they file taxes and request the IRS Data Retrieval option. FAFSA will provide lots of information and instructions to applicants about this throughout the online application process.

Tip:  The 7 Easy Steps to the FAFSA is a great tutorial that talks you through the sections of the 2015-2016 FAFSA in easy to understand steps.  It is a great reference to use before completing your FAFSA to assist you with understanding the questions and the financial aid process.

Tip: For additional line by line help on the FAFSA, go to Completing the FAFSA.



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