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PTK Honor SocietyWelcome to the Pi Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, Clatsop Community College's chapter of this National Honor Society for 2-year Colleges!
2015-16 Phi Phi Chapter President election

Voting for the PTK president position will close midnight Sunday, February 7, 2016. Read about the candidates below.

Who may vote?
Eligible voters include current members of PTK including students who attended Clatsop in the 2014-15 academic year.



Carrie Clarke Georges Oates Larsen
Meet the Candidates
How long have you been a member of PTK?  
Carrie: since last spring 2015 Georges: 1.5 Years
Tell the voters about any past PTK service or community service.  

Carrie: My community service has included in the past: volunteering with at least four different emergency shelters in the state of Oregon during 2012-2013 which included instructing bible study,cooking,organizing, planning events.


I have also written research papers while here at CCC concerning topics that are very important and need to be brought to light for discussion and thought.


As a computer lab monitor,I volunteer my spare time, as needed from time to time, at the open student computer lab when I'm not on duty. Often students my need bit of knowledge about computer navigation or some such function. Being a monitor at the lab carries the responsibility of being confidential with the students information and work, as well as making sure the students possessions, like books and coats , are secure when they leave to speak with a teacher or go to the bathroom.

Georges: Last year I served as Vice President of Leadership. I volunteered with the rest of PTK for the 2015 Country Club art auction, and the 2015 Pi Day celebration.


As Vice President of Leadership, I planned and orchestrated the 2015 induction ceremony.

Tell us about yourself.  

Carrie: I am a soon to be 64-year-old full-time college sophomore. I started at CCC in the fall of 2013 through the Lives In Transition Program, my partner and I had been homeless for over two years at that point. Being older people we where caught up in the changing economic whirl wind and found ourselves unable to fit into the workforce any-longer. College is now elevating those possibilities.


I am an artist, my medium is acrylic on canvas. I am a baker and cook having worked in some very well know places over the years through out the United States. I plan to begin working on an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Culinary Arts; to earn my Chef's hat and command the financial reward that comes with that degree. I'm a very sturdy mountain woman with strong camping and survival skills. I love to do research and write papers. And I want to make a positive difference in the world around me.

Georges: I'm a mathematician by nature, and currently pursuing my AAOT with plans to transfer to PSU and major in mathematics. Eventually, I'd like to get a PhD. in mathematics, and do theoretical mathematics/teaching.


I'm the president and head engineer of the ROV team, and the president and founder of the CCC Math Club / Mu Alpha Theta honors society chapter.

Why would you like to be PTK's 2015-16 president?  
Carrie: I would be a good PTK president for 2015/16, because I will bring the spark of hope to the students and teachers that our college needs. I would be a good ambassador of positive open change to the college. I have strong enthusiasm and interest in making a pathway for fellow students to achieve their higher goals even when they may be faced with difficulty. I would be a good poster girl for the college as well because of how I got here and how far I've come, not only my age, and the past homelessness, but the academic difficulties I had previously. I believe that many students would try to reach like I did which would eventually embody CCC PTK with more members in the future.

Georges: Josef Henthorn, our last president, did a fantastic job. He led a brand new cohort of officers to create and solidify a trend of growth within the chapter. It was his mission to create fertile soil for this year’s cohort to thrive and expand.


During that time, and I paid close attention to what Joe was doing, what his responsibilities were, and what the chapter aimed for and accomplished as a whole, and I’ve spent the last several months using this knowledge to develop a comprehensive plan, which includes not only our continued involvement in the events and activities we took on last year, but also several new activities and events.


I’d like to see this chapter continue to expand, and having seen what was required of Joe last year, and having two years of my own experience leading the ROV team and the CCC Math Club, I feel I have what it takes to make sure of this.


If you’ll have me, it would be an honor to put my skills to work to continue the trend of growth that Joe started.

What would be some of your goals for PTK this year?  

Carrie: (1.) I would like to see all our PTK members become accountable to be positive ambassadors to the other students. I would want them to accessible for conversation and encouraging little meeting that would include suggestions to improve study time and retention etc.


(2.) I would like to have members of CCC PTK to create a positive morale
team spirit for our college. Something that would pull everyone together and we could all work towards a goal team work.


(3.) I would like to create a forum of conversation between the administration, the teachers, and the students- something that is open and discussing whats happening, why, and when. We need to be all informed. and we all need to remember that the students are the people the actually bring the Federal money into the college and with out the student no one get paid. The students need to be informed and heard.

Georges: As stated in my other answers, I plan for us to continue to participate in our annual traditions, but I'd also like us to participate in a few new activities, if at all possible.


The annual traditions include the 2016 Country Club art auction, the 2016 Pi Day celebration, and the 2016 induction ceremony.


This year, I'd like to see us also participate in the Nerd Nation Phi Theta Kappa Convention, as well as some of the local food banks during our quiet periods.


If the other officers are interested, and if it's not too late, I would be happy to facilitate our involvement in the PTK Honors Institute, the PTK Honors Case Study Challenge, the PTK College Project, the PTK Honors in Action Project, and the Hallmark Awards.


Potential activities that the officers would need to discuss, and I that don't have explicitly planned include hosting a club-wide movie night, a PTK awareness day, attendance of regional meetings, if there are any this year in our region, and a much older and now-dead tradition of PTK: The popcorn drive.


In the first few weeks I'd like to have us sit down, decide on which of these activities we will be participating in, and delegate officer titles accordingly.


What is the PTK president expected to do?

  • Lead Clatsop Community College's PTK chapter
  • Prepare meeting agendas and lead meetings (both officer and member meetings)
  • Appoint and establish necessary committees
  • Vote only in the case of a tie
  • Develop yearly goals for the chapter with help from officers and advisors
  • Oversee chapter projects
  • Report chapter projects on PTK website
  • Report successive officers to headquarters (PTK website)

Other officers?
Once elected, the president will coordinate appointment of additional officers at the next PTK meeting.

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