Phi Theta Kappa

PTK Honor Society

Advisor: Deac Guidi

Advisor: Celeste Petersen

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Welcome to the Pi Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, Clatsop Community College's chapter of this National Honor Society for 2-year Colleges!
You can learn more about Phi Theta Kappa by clicking here.

Examples of past Pi Phi Chapter Officer Responsibilities


  • Prepare meeting agendas and lead meetings (both officer and member meetings)
  • Appoint and establish necessary committees
  • Vote only in the case of a tie
  • Develop yearly goals for the chapter with help from officers and advisors
  • Oversee chapter projects
  • Report chapter projects on PTK website
  • Report successive officers to headquarters (PTK website)


VP of Scholarship

  • Oversee all Honors Study Topic activities
  • Coordinate the chapter’s participation in Honors Seminars
  • Encourage and recognize academic excellence
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Scholarship Hallmark Award entry
  • Coordinate the taking of photographs at all chapter events/projects


VP of Leadership

  • Direct the chapter in the use of parliamentary procedure for meetings
  • Oversee all leadership activities
  • Encourage the development of leadership skills
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Leadership Hallmark Award entry
  • Promote the chapter at all levels of the Society (i.e. campaign for the chapter to increase membership)


VP of Service

  • Oversee all International Service Program activities
  • Develop activities that promote volunteerism and community service (off campus activities)
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Service Hallmark Award entry
  • Write and submit articles to campus and community newspapers (i.e. press releases)
  • Develop flyers and other publications to promote chapter events/projects

VP of Fellowship

  • Encourage scholarly fellowship at all levels of the Society
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Pinnacle Scholarship Award program
  • Oversee the development and updates to the chapter social media webpages
  • Develop activities that promote college service (on campus activities)
  • Develop fundraising activities that support and promote the chapter



  • Take, present, and send out minutes of each office and member meetings
  • Maintain chapter calendar of events/projects
  • Maintain a record of chapter events/projects (i.e. collect photos, flyers, and newspaper articles for the chapter record book)
  • Compile and update contact information of chapter members



  • Open and/or maintain a financial account for the chapter
  • Receive and deposit all money collected from fundraising events/projects
  • Keep a set of financial records to be audited and notarized (if needed) at the end of term
  • Present the chapter’s financial records at officer and member meetings
  • File all financial records in the chapter’s official files at the


It is the policy of Clatsop Community College that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, gender, marital status, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or disability in any educational programs, activities, or employment. Questions or complaints should be directed to Leslie Hall, Affirmative Action/Gender Equity (Title IX) Officer in the Towler Hall, Suite 110, 503-338-2450; TDD 503-338-2468. The Title II/Section 504 Coordinator, Lisa Deneen, is located in the Towler Hall Room 312, 503-338-2474.


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