ASG Vision Statement

Vision Statement

The Associated Student Government of 2011 has a vision to create a campus culture that promotes unity, gives a sense of belonging, and invokes a general zest for campus life.

What kind of campus culture will we create?
We strive for a place where:

  • we are unified through our diversity despite our differences.
  • the community is involved.
  • students are well informed about their school and information is easily accessible.
  • students and faculty are passionate about what is happening and share common goals.
  • rights are protected and respected
  • people feel like they can be themselves without being judged.
  • social gatherings are offered and encouraged.
  • all clubs and groups are given equal opportunity and consideration
  • we do unto others as we would like them to do unto us.
  • our ASG keeps the student body's best interests their top priority.
  • values and beliefs can be expressed freely.
  • public events are planned keeping the diversity of the student body in mind.


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