Head Start Stars

The Associated Student Government is sponsoring the Head Start Stars for the children ages 4 and 5 in our local area. “Head Start is a comprehensive preschool for families with incomes at or below the federal poverty guidelines.”

Head Start Stars for over 100 children will be placed on Holiday trees located on the first floor of Columbia Hall by the Associated Student Government and in the Student Services Center. Please pick your star(s) from one of the trees and purchase a gift that suits the age and gender of the child written on the star. 

Please note:
• Stars require gifts for boys and girls ages 4 and 5
• Gifts should not include weapons such as guns and swords
• Stars must be returned with the gifts (unwrapped) 
• Return stars attached to the gifts to the Student Services Center
• All gifts must be returned by Friday, November 29, 2011

The Head Start children who will receive your gifts are very grateful for your generosity and their smiles make it all worthwhile.

Thank you for helping make this event a success! 


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September 21, 2012, 9:33 pm
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