Forming a Club

Formation of Clubs and Organizations
The Associated Student Government provides assistance and approval to individuals and/or groups interested in forming clubs and organizations on campus. The student government provides assistance and resources to clubs that become sanctioned by the ASG. Examples of resources that might be required for a new club: access to computers in the ASG Office for preparing posters or meeting agendas for upcoming events, assistance in contacting the appropriate College services when planning club activities, start-up money (loan to be repaid) for conducting fundraisers, help with setting up or cleaning up after a club event, etc.

How to become an ASG Sanctioned Club or Organization
For a group to become sanctioned by the ASG, the following must be completed and submitted to the student government officers for review:
1. Proposal for Club Development – completed
2. Club Advisor Endorsement
3. Signature(s) of advisor(s)

The ASG Office is located near on the first floor of Columbia Hall, across from the bookstore. ASG officers may be able to help clubs with planning events, fundraisers, services and/or activities. Please stop by the ASG Office and ask for assistance.

How to handle Club Finances
Club finances are managed by the Business Office. Once a club is recognized and sanctioned, all financial transactions will be handled through this office. Whenever money is received by a club, it will be taken directly to the Business Office for deposit and a receipt will be generated.

When purchases are made by a sanctioned club, a requisition must be prepared which includes the signatures of the club advisor and the club president. A check or purchase order will be generated from the requisition request for payment. It is recommended that the club treasurer and/or president visit the ASG Office and the Business Office for details regarding this procedure.

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