Club Advisor Form

Club Advisor - Responsibilities
The club advisor is in charge of all activities planned by the club they advise. Advisor responsibilities vary according to the activities planned by the club.
The Advisor:
• Is responsible for club activities, programs, and personnel, seeing that events and programs conform to the educational purposes of the College.
• Attends club functions to supervise and maintain College facility use.
• Encourages and counsels club members to maintain their academic responsibilities.
• Assists in the planning, supervision, and coordination of club events.

Club Advisor - Endorsement
Recognized clubs must have an advisor who is a member of the faculty or staff of Clatsop Community College.

Advisor’s written endorsement (required):






I understand the role of club advisor and accept the responsibility of advisor for the club indicated below:

Advisor(s) signature: ______________________________________

Club name: _______________________________________

Date: ___________________________________

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