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Oregon Voter Registration page or Washington Voter Registration page

Are you interested in being part of the national, state or local political process? Start by registering to vote. Follow the links below to your state voter registration website, then check out the a political party website and start learning about their positions on issues important to you. See Political Parties here. The college offers additional voter registration information on campus before each national and state election. Whatever you do register and Vote!

Red Cross Blood Drive - January


Head Start Stars - November  through December

The Associated Student Government is working alongside the Head Start Stars program to coordinate a gift drive for children from low-income families. The drive will benefit over one hundred local four to five year olds. Holiday Trees will be placed in Student Services and in the lobby of Columbia Hall mid November and will be covered in stars. Each star will represent a child in the area. Come sign up and grab a star off of a tree and get a new and unwrapped gift for that child. The toys will be due no later than the first week of December  in the Student Services Center. Please help ASG provide gifts for all of these children. Please no guns or weapons.

Thank you! And Happy Holidays!




Do you have an idea for a campus activity?  Please contact either Theresa Seltzer or Chris Ousley.

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