Rich Beveridge

Rich Beveridge- Mathematics Instructor

Years at CCC-14

I find a lot of beauty in the logical structure of mathematics. The freedom to explore mathematical ideas and try different approaches is something that was always encouraged by my high school math teachers and university professors.  I try to communicate this freedom in the classes I teach.

The most rewarding thing about teaching at CCC is seeing students grow and mature within a given course or over a sequence of several courses. I develop the daily lessons for most courses I teach so that I can connect with the students through the content.  I find great satisfaction in adapting, sequencing and presenting the material so that it makes sense to the students. I’ve always enjoyed math and even in high school I spent many hours helping my friends with their math homework.  As a result, I have a lot of experience building relationships through math.

I want students to take away from my classes that mathematics gives people tools to think about and try to understand both the natural world and human societies.

Before getting into teaching, I worked for a bank and a mutual fund from 1988-1991.  After I was certified to teach high school, I started my teaching career at Hopi High School on the Hopi Indian Reservation in Arizona.  From there I went back to school in 2000 to get an MA degree in Mathematics, which was a wonderful experience and am now at Clatsop Community College.

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