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A Woman’s Worth

From: LaRee Johnson
To: Media
Date: 03/02/09
Subject: Women’s History Month PR

Clatsop Community College
Contact: LaRee Johnson 503-338-2366

Press Release: "A Woman's Worth" for Women's History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month “A Woman’s Worth” is planned for March 8th, Sunday at 2 PM at the Josie Peper Center, located just behind the Performing Arts Center on 16th and Franklin. Local vintage fashion collector, LaRee Johnson will be sharing reticules, pocketbooks, purses and handbags from her private collection and discussing the relationship of this valued accessory with the value of women in society from Victorian through Modern times. LaRee Johnson is the author of Ladies’ Vintage Accessories, in the 4th edition selling nationwide.

Throughout the last 150 years a woman’s purse has not only been a fascinating evolution of fashion but has also mirrored women’s aspirations and occupations. This lady’s accessory has been the subject of cartoonists and fashion magazines, and has been given symbolic significance by psychoanalysts. The changing size and purpose has charted the rise of women with no means and no status to the professional women of today.

What did the tiny slim reticules of 1850 carry? What would you find in the huge oversize bags women carry today, the contents of which have always been the private domain of women? And the bigger question is how does this reflect on our changing roles in society as women? The program offered by Arts & Ideas for Clatsop Community College will give you a glimpse into the interior of women’s lives with the dreams and fantasies of their dearest accessory: the reticule, purse, handbag or pocketbook.

On display will be a variety of bags made from delicate metal mesh, glorious beaded fantasies, reptile leather, velvet, Lucite plastic, tapestry, and many hand made or designer bags from LaRee’s private collection that date back to early Victorian times. Limited seating for this event which begins at 2 PM March 8th; tickets are $8.00 at the door, light refreshments will be served. The Josie Peper Center is located at 1642 Franklin, Astoria. For further information please call (503) 338-2366.


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