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CCC Upward Bound Summer Academy – Invite for Presentation Night

From: Virginia Cameron
To: Media
Date: 07/20/09
Subject: CCC Upward Bound Summer Academy Presentation Night PR

Clatsop Community College
Contact: Virginia Cameron 503-325-2898

CCC Upward Bound Summer Academy – Invite for Presentation Night

Clatsop Community College Upward Bound Summer Academy (UBSA) is nearing the end of this year’s six-week Summer Academy. The final presentation night for this year’s UBSA is July 23, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. in the Clatsop Community College Performing Arts Center (PAC). The PAC is located at 16th and Franklin St. in Astoria and is ADA Accessible. The program is free and all community members are welcome to attend.

The five project groups have progressed in critical thinking, conducted scientific research, identified and sought natural resources in the area, explored historical aspects of the community, conducted interviews of local citizens and all students have had the opportunity to meet community leaders, listen to guest speakers and participate in regional field trips.

Each group has had a myriad of experiences throughout the program. The following are quotes from students who have participated in this program:

Amber Mitchell (Corps of Discovery: Clatsop County’s Living History) said, “Each person in my group is different and adds a different touch to the Corps of Discovery Experience. Like the original Corps of Discovery our differences may cause friction but at the end of the day our differences overcome each other and we find ways to have fun despite it all.”          

Aaron Lindberg (Operation Salmonid) said, “So far along my journey with Operation Salmonid I have leaned how to seine for fish, correctly identify the variety of species of fish and most important how to record scientific data.”

William Leroux (I Think, Therefore I am) said, “While talking in class, we have come upon several philosophical debates. The class will often debate subjects like the morality of abortion, the existence of a god, and the rights of animals. I quite enjoy this class.”

Cecila Giles (History of Discrimination in Our Nation and County) said, “So far I have learned a ton about discrimination from doing this project. We have been learning about different types of discrimination….It's cool because we have people come in for interview panels to talk about stuff like their race or religion which is something you don't get to talk about at school. The people are so open about it and it’s cool to be able to ask questions….And all the people that we have interviewed are really nice. So thanks to them, you guys rock!”

Kimberly Melton (The Potter’s Journey) said, “We started a novel called A Single Shard which is by Linda Sue Park. The book is about a young orphaned boy named Tree-Ear. His dream is to become a potter….He admires local potters around the town while salvaging through their garbage. After reading the first few chapters we went to CCA (Clatsop Community Action) to find out more about local resources for low income and families in need.” 

For more information about the Upward Bound program or this year’s UBSA presentation night event, please contact: Virginia Cameron at 503-325-2898.

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

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