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Top honors for CCC Students - Fall Term 2008 Scholars List

From: Caitlin Wright
To: Media
Date: 01/27/09
Subject: CCC Dean’s List and Honor Roll Students PR

Clatsop Community College
Contact: Michelle Morfitt 503-338-2410
Spreadsheets attached of the same in Excel format

Top honors for CCC Students - Fall Term 2008 Scholars List

Clatsop Community College is proud to announce the following students have been recognized for their superior academic achievement. Dean's List recognition is for those students achieving a grade point average of 3.75 to 4.00, and Honor Roll status for 3.5 to 3.74.

Honor Roll

Student Name City State
Bartlett, Amy Renay Astoria, OR
Challis, Shawna M Long Beach, WA
Cruz, Aurelia N Astoria, OR
Downes, Jacob T Seaside, OR
Dugan, Kevin Robert Warrenton, OR
Evans, Jacob Carl Astoria, OR
Gustafson, Andrew D Astoria, OR
Hamar, Kory J Astoria, OR
Hamp, Kody Allen Rosburg, WA
Harrington, Casey M Gearhart, OR
Harris, Dominique Maureen Gearhart, OR
Isom, Bobbie J Astoria, OR
Jaklich, Serena R Seaside, OR
Johnson, Brian S Astoria, OR
Johnson, Chelsea L Seaside, OR
Johnson, Corali K Astoria, OR
Johnson, David W Medford, OR
Kuhlman, Aimee Nicole Cannon Beach, OR
Leback, Charles Elliott Astoria, OR
Lovelady, David Joseph Hammond, OR
McMullin, Amanda Marie Medford, OR
Melhus, Amber L Warrenton, OR
Miller, Rebekah Anne Astoria, OR
Moravec, Katherine D Astoria, OR
Mueller, Kathleen R Astoria, OR
Nedd, Aleesha S Astoria, OR
Nicholas, April May Clatskanie, OR
Nisha, Jaisren F Seaside, OR
Posey, Andy C Warrenton, OR
Scott, Kristina Diane Astoria, OR
Seago, Joshua Reidar Astoria, OR
Smith, CaSandra Marie Warrenton, OR
Strandberg, Diane Marie Astoria, OR
Sullivan, Kaleigh E Seaside, OR
Van Gundy, Cayla Marie Astoria, OR
Wait, Michaela M Astoria, OR

Deans List

Student Name City State
Arnspiger, Abby Rainier, OR
Barber, ErikaJean Warrenton, OR
Barbour, Angela Warrenton, OR
Bolles, Pablo Alfredo Astoria, OR
Bonnin, Kirk Matthew Battle Ground, WA
Campuzano, Marycarmen Seaside, OR
Caruthers, Amber Inez Astoria, OR
Cerf, Jennifer Joy Astoria, OR
Coberly, Michael M Astoria, OR
Dean, Barbara A Astoria, OR
Estes, Erin Malene Wilbur Astoria, OR
Fluter, Jeremiah Astoria, OR
Freiberg, Jessica Lynn Astoria, OR
Garcia, Maria del Rosario Astoria, OR
Goodwin, Rayna Ocean Park, WA
Gray, Emily Ellen Astoria, OR
Heard, Charlotte Susanne Astoria, OR
Higginbotham, Dana Y Astoria, OR
Higginbotham, Michael Peter Astoria, OR
Hoffman, Jessica K Warrenton, OR
Jobe, Andrew Robert Seaside, OR
Johnson, Alexis McCall Astoria, OR
Johnson, Marc E Westport, OR
Kemmer, Janine Marie Chinook, WA
Knepper, Kathleen B Warrenton, OR
Lagerquist, Victoria Grace Astoria, OR
Lane, Diane D Astoria, OR
Larsen, Danielle E Gearhart, OR
Lawrence, Karissa Marie Astoria, OR
Lepage Sagen, Cory J A Astoria, OR
Lindquist, Elisa R Warrenton, OR
Magnussen, Jessica M Astoria, OR
McBride, Sarah Rose Astoria, OR
McGillivray, Andrew Charles Astoria, OR
McGuane, Christine Marie Seaside, OR
Miller, Sarah N Astoria, OR
Miller, Theresa M Naselle, WA
Moberg, David John Astoria, OR
Murphy, Siobhan Elizabeth Astoria, OR
Murray, Monica Lavena Astoria, OR
Neuenfeldt, Vanessa R Warrenton, OR
Nguyen, Quynh Tien Thy Astoria, OR
Nyitrai, Zita B Astoria, OR
O'Brien, Tarah Lynne Ocean Park, WA
Persyn, Lorana H Astoria, OR
Pfund, Tessa Renae Gearhart, OR
Pugh, Timothy C Warrenton, OR
Randall, Frederic I Seaside, OR
Randall, Rachel Lucinda Portland, OR
Roberts, Rosanna M Astoria, OR
Rummell, Cynthia Astoria, OR
Saranpaa, Molly Ann Clatskanie, OR
Schumacher, Michael Allan Astoria, OR
Schumacher, Michael Allan Astoria, OR
Scott, Jeremiah Gunner Warrenton, OR
Scroup, Stephen Andrew Warrenton, OR
Sengstaken, Robert W Warrenton, OR
Sengstaken, Robert W Warrenton, OR
Skyles, Meka Lynn Warrenton, OR
Smith, Elizabeth C Astoria, OR
Sprague, Alicia K Astoria, OR
Steiner, Esther Denise Astoria, OR
Stevick, Dawn Desiree Seaside, OR
Sullivan, Amber R Astoria, OR
Turner, Joseph R Astoria, OR
Tussing, Coreene Angelica Astoria, OR
Vollmer, Lori Lynette Astoria, OR
Waddell, Ula Brook Astoria, OR
Whitus, Julie D Astoria, OR
Wiegardt, Kelly Ocean Park, WA
Wilmoth, Jessie R Long Beach, WA
Wilson, Amanda Josephine Naselle, WA
Wirkkala, Elsa K Naselle, WA
Wise, Dawn Maia Naselle, WA
Wucherpfennig, Christina Seaside, OR
Zwick, Curtis Elton Long Beach, WA


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